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Raiders centre Jarrod Croker moves on after controversial referee calls

While the NRL continues to deliberate on its reaction to Ricky Stuart's explosive referee blast, Raiders centre Jarrod Croker says he has moved on after being on the wrong end of a couple of controversial calls.

The NRL delayed until Wednesday what punishment, if any, Stuart will receive for his comments in the post-match press conference following Sunday's 26-20 loss to Penrith.

Stuart described the officiating as ''s---'', ''laughable", "poor" and "not at the standard of first grade" after several incidents went against the Raiders.

Stuart contacted referees boss Tony Archer on Monday to clarify some of the decisions.

Two of those involved Croker when he was penalised for making contact with Panthers winger David Simmons while he was in the air when both players were contesting high balls.

Croker said there no was point in continuing to complain about the situation as it wasn't going to bring back the two competition points.


"Obviously at the time I was upset, but you can sit here and whinge all you like, but nothing's going to happen ... you can't get the result,'' Croker said. ''I was pretty angry at the time, I was just going up for the ball. 

"I haven't looked at it and I don't know if I will, I don't want to get too caught up in how I'm competing for the ball.''

Stuart has been fined a total of $95,000 over eight separate incidents since he first became a head coach with the Sydney Roosters in 2002. That includes $25,000 for twice crossing the line while in charge of Parramatta last year.

Coaches and players are allowed to discuss a referee's performance, but they are forbidden from bringing their integrity into question.

Raiders captain Terry Campese was engaged in a running battle with the officials, with both himself and Panthers skipper Peter Wallace making their frustrations known with expletive language heard through the television coverage.

Campese said the referees had a tough job and believed sides such as the Raiders, that are struggling at the bottom of the table, didn't tend to get the 50-50 decisions their way.

"That's the way they see the game,'' Campese said.

"They've got to go out there and ref and there's negativity everywhere you look for teams that are losing - referees, journalism, everything."

Croker handed the goal-kicking duties for one attempt to Reece Robinson during the game because of a knee injury, but was confident he would be right for Sunday's match with the North Queensland Cowboys.