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Raiders won't ask NRL to investigate Milford's Brisbane deal

Canberra Raiders chairman Allan Hawke says the club has no plans to approach the NRL to express any concerns over whether Anthony Milford's Brisbane contract will be part of its Broncos salary cap probe.

But he confirmed Raiders officials have requested a meeting with the NRL to push for junior development compensation to be included in the salary cap. 

Brisbane notified the NRL of potential salary cap irregularities over 2012-14, totalling $450,000, after the club was provided information from an external party of potential cap irregularities over the period.

Broncos operations manager Andrew Gee resigned from his post on Tuesday, ending a 25-year association with the club. 

Raiders fullback Milford signed a two-year deal with Brisbane in November, and will see out this year with Canberra before heading north. 

Under NRL rules the 19-year-old's Broncos contract will not be registered until after round 13. It remains unclear whether they would be hesitant to sign off on the deal until Brisbane's salary cap situation becomes clearer.  


Asked if the club had asked the NRL to analyse the Milford deal, Hawke said: "No we haven't, we will keep right out of that.

"We'll be watching quite carefully what's going on there, but we don't have any inside information into any of that and the NRL will do the job it does.''

Despite signing star Tigers fullback James Tedesco, the Raiders would still have room under the salary cap to accommodate Milford next year. 

"The board has not had a discussion about that issue, and I think it's highly unlikely they would,'' Hawke said. 

"Anthony's made his mind up, we're not going to pressure him into reconsidering that position because he's done the right thing by us every step of the way. 

"If anything like that was to happen, it would be as a result of Anthony and his agent approaching us, rather than us approaching them. 

"I've admired the way he's gone about his trade this year.''

Canberra and Wests Tigers have this week both threatened to stop junior development if the NRL does not compensate clubs for the loss of home-grown talent. 

The Raiders' successful pursuit of Tedesco signals their intent to be more active in the player market. 

"We have sought a meeting with the NRL to discuss this precise issue,'' Hawke said. 

"The NRL really has to give consideration to what they're going to do about compensating clubs for the development they undertake. 

"We identify these talented kids at a young age and we put a lot of time, effort and money into developing them. Then these other clubs who don't do any of that come along and steal these players off us when they become marquee players.''