The Raiders went from champs to chumps in just seven days.

The Raiders went from champs to chumps in just seven days.

Canberra coach Ricky Stuart says only improved professionalism will help solve the club's worrying on-field consistency as the Raiders deal with the fallout from Sunday's woeful 54-18 loss to Manly. 

Stuart revealed senior players have confided in him on how to address their long-standing issues with backing up a memorable win with a poor performance. 

The problem reared its ugly head again when Manly led 42-0 after 33 minutes at Brookvale, just seven days after Canberra's spirited home win over Melbourne. 

Canberra has also backed up strong road wins over Newcastle and Souths this year with defeats, and is yet to win back-to-back this year. 

The Raiders have to wait until May 10 in New Zealand for a chance at redemption, and Stuart admitted ''I wish we were playing this Friday night''. 

"You've got to learn how to win on the field, and you have to learn how to cope with it off the field,'' he said. 

"It wasn't so much the tries they were scoring, it was how they were scoring them at such ease when last week against Melbourne I was giving our defensive structures and individuals credit. 

"That [backing up wins] has been an issue the players have been talking to me about a little bit. 

"We need to learn how to string two or three wins together."

Stuart spoke of his admiration of Manly's hard-nosed culture at the post-game press conference, highlighting the team's ability to perform every week. 

"We're building our own culture, and it's going to take time,'' Stuart said. 

"It's not just culture which wins you two games in a row, it's professionalism.

"it's not just about how you train, it's the professional lifestyle of being a footballer.

"They had nine or 10 rep players in that team and we can't afford to turn up 5 per cent down, let alone 90 per cent.''

The Raiders (3-5) have been relatively consistent in their attitude this year, and Stuart is hopeful the Manly debacle was simply an off week. 

"If this was happening in games beforehand I'd be a lot more concerned,'' he said. 

"There was some individuals in that team, and I don't need to name them because they know who they are, they were very, very poor.

"It was completely uncharacteristic compared to our first seven weeks, and I'm hoping I can just put it down to an off week.''

Raiders utility Josh McCrone said the players have long been frustrated at their letdowns after big wins, and labelled rectifying it a priority.

"I don't think we've won back-to-back games this year and obviously there's a problem there, whether it's inexperience or getting ahead of ourselves [I don't know],'' he said.

"It was the same thing last year, and the year before, and the year before that.

"We have to start identifying those signs earlier in the week, and rectify them.

"As soon as we step over that line we have to perform, and we haven't been able to do it two weeks in a row for a while.  

"There was 17 blokes who didn't turn up, collectively we can't have it."

Meanwhile, Kevin Proctor's manager, Chris Orr, has confirmed reports the Raiders are one of five clubs interested in the Melbourne back-rower's services from next year. 

It is understood St George Illawarra and the Roosters are the frontrunners  to snare his signature.