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NRL halftime show sends two fans to hospital

Grown men charging from either end of a football field and crashing into a giant inflatable ball. What could possibly go wrong?

It is a question NRL organisers might have asked themselves before a halftime entertainment game put two fans in hospital. One is thought to have a broken ankle and the other a dislocated shoulder.

The gimmick they called 'Big Ball Bash' was staged at Penrith Stadium on Monday night during the Penrith Panthers’ clash against the Brisbane Broncos.

The object of the game was to be the first to push the ball across the other’s try line.

Instead, the men hit the ball at speed from each side, the ball flew into the air and they collided violently.

Later in the game, while screening a replay, a commentator said: “We’ve had one guy snap his leg in two and another one dislocate his shoulder. That activity gone.”


Panthers chief executive Warren Wilson reportedly confirmed the participants had signed waiver forms to prevent them from suing if injured.

It was also an action-packed game, with Penrith scraping through with a 35-34 win.