Phil Gould

Phil Gould

Phil Gould is a League Columnist for The Sydney Morning Herald

Frustrated clubs want a change of pace but are still united behind commission - NRL is a different matter

Phil Gould dinkus

Phil Gould The support from the 16 NRL clubs for chairman John Grant and his fellow commissioners is complete and unwavering.

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Welcome to the new era for rugby league

Phil Gould NRL restructure long overdue

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Inflexible salary cap a major problem

Phil Gould It would be easy to say Panthers fullback Matt Moylan is not playing first grade on Sunday because of the restrictive inadequacies of the NRL's salary cap structures.

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Band together and Wests will be won

Phil Gould I don't think the Wests Ashfield club is being at all unreasonable regarding the conditions it requires to continue funding the club.

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