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Live: Canberra Raiders vs Sydney Roosters


Kyle Mackey-Laws

Thanks for joining me today, I'm done..... now how does that song go? We're gonna hit ya! Hit ya! Hit ya!

FULL TIME Raiders 24-20: That's the Raiders third win in a row and seventh from their last 10. Can the fairytale continue at home next week when they take on the red-hot, table-topping Bulldogs at Canberra Stadium on a rare Friday night match. Will Furner send the team out to Eagle Hawk on Thursday night? Who knows? But I do know you can catch all of Friday night's bumper clash right here.

FULL-TIME: The Raiders have held on 24-20 and now are in sight of the top 8. They are equal with the Wests Tigers and only outside the eight on for-and-against. But gee whiz, what a second half. The players must have been reading this blog because they've produced a highly entertaining second half. Tries, biffs and send-offs. Cracking stuff.

80th min: SKD was bolting down the field with the try-line in sight and Joe Picker pulls out a Sattler-like tackle to win the Raiders the game. Raiders 24-20.

78th min: TRY! Somehow the Roosters get an with one less player on the field overlap and Tautau Moga scores after brilliant pass from Takairangi. The Raiders are making this interesting... Anasta can't convert. Raiders 24-20.

76th min: PENALTY! Raiders offside but it doesn't really matter now. The Raiders need another try to help their for and against.

75th min: PENALTY! After all that, the Raiders take the two points through Croker. Raiders 24-16.

74th min: IT'S ON!!!!! Dugan cops a high tackle as the Raiders get on a break and his teammates show support and there's a lot of argy bargy. Minichiello made contact with Dugan's head. TWICE. And remarkably, Minichiello gets sent off. It was a rash play but it's also a rash play by the referee. The argument is Minichiello jumped up to make high contact. Don't know about that decision, was definitely a poor effort from the Roosters' fullback. Dugan is groggy and leaking a fair bit of claret but he'll play on.

72nd min: Brad Takaraingi throws a hail-mary pass as Mitchell Pearce crashes over, but the referee calls a forward pass. Almost do-or-die time for the Roosters.

69th min: PENALTY! Here comes the square up on the penalty count, but there is still a long way to go if it's going to be level come full-time.

69th min: Field goal option by Josh McCrone but he sprays it right and the Roosters get the ball back on their own 20m line.

65th min: TRY! How has that happened? Williams puts a real speculator up and somehow the ball dropped to the ground and bounced into the hands of Robinson. He fumbles the ball to the ground but manages to get it down. That is Robinson's 12th try of the season. Croker finally converts a try. Raiders 22-16.

64th min: PENALTY! The crowd was calling for it and finally the referee gives them what they want. That's 8-2 penalty count to the Raiders.

59th min: TRY! Braith Anasta sends the ball to the sky and Tautau Moga knocks the ball back for Jack Bosden to score his first NRL try. There was a bit of biffo behind play too and Shaun Fensom gets a warning. Scores level 16-16.

55th min: Great take by Roger Tuivasa-Scheck and we go upstairs for the decision on the try, but it's a 'Refs Call' and we are heading back to the 20m line after it's deemed the Raiders defence of Robinson and Williams held the ball up. Special mention to Josh Dugan for managing to sneak a leg in the way of the only camera angle that could provide evidence on the try-no try!

And Josh Dugan is in the hands of the trainers. Shock. Horror. He looks OK though - it was a brilliant high-ball take from the Raiders fullback.

49th min: TRY! Blake Ferguson gave us a hint of the Roosters weak left-side defence in the first half and he's sliced them apart with a barnstorming run from inside his own half right there. McCrone popped a lovely little pass but it was turnstile defence sadly. Croker misses his conversion. Raiders 16-10.

47th min: PENALTY! And now the Roosters are offside from the kick-off. I haven't seen one of them blown since 1994. Raiders have a big chance here.

45th min: PENALTY! A coach killer for the Roosters again, penalty on the last tackle. The Raiders opt to take the two, Croker wouldn't have had an easier kick all season. Raiders 12-10.

42nd min: Williams kicks the ball out on the full while he was chasing a 40-20. Missed it by a lot too. Roosters on the attack. Scrum feed 35m out.

HALF-TIME: 10-10.  It's not often I have a whinge about watching live sport but fresh from my bumper clash in the AFL, the Raiders and Roosters are putting on a real doozy here. Let's just hope the second half is an improvement. For the home team, McCrone has been good, as has Papalii. Blake Ferguson has made some good semi-breaks done the right but other than that, I'd suspect coach Dave Furner would be a little frustrated at the break. The Raiders had 55 per cent of the possession and should probably be ahead. For the Roosters, SKD has been OK, but both tries were more from ordinary defence rather than individual brilliance. Minichiello has been solid as usual at fullback.

HALF-TIME: 10-10.  This match is living up to its billing as a classic......

36th min: PENALTY! SKD was on the attack, then Williams magically steals the ball off him and then wins a penalty after SKD just carries on with a bit of wrestle. A real coach killer. SKD, sounds like one of those alcopop drinks to me... where's those marketing men?

34th min: TRY! Frank-Paul Nuuuasala (FPN from here on in) storms over from close range and Braith Anasta converts. Scores level 10-10.

33rd min: Knock-on ruled against Josh Dugan just off his line, and the Roosters will get a set of six deep in attack.

Checking out the crowd here and I'd be thinking the AFL match at Manuka could have won out. The crowd there was about 7500, and it's touch and go whether there's more here. Maybe if we count the canteen staff, security guards and coaching staff from each side?

27th min: TRY! Well, based on possession the Raiders were a moral to score, and McCrone sends through Josh Papalii close to the line. Croker makes no mistake this time and converts. Raiders 10-6.

26th min: ANOTHER accidental offside against the Raiders. This is unlucky - it was an ordinary kick by Williams but the Raiders get another set from 10m out.

Well, I said the Raiders were 1-17 but I lied. Glen Buttriss is in for Travis Waddell at hooker and he's had an immediate impact after a lengthy period out of the game.

16th min: TRY! Sam Williams puts a little grubber through and Joel Thompson is first to the ball. The referees called for the video referee but that's a meat pie every day of the week. Honestly, let's just blow the whistle and get on with it. The Raiders have had plenty of ball, and Buttriss did well to earn Canberra another set. Croker misses the conversion. 4-4.

15th min: DROP OUT: The Raiders will get another set.

13th min: An accidental offside ruling there gives the raiders possession 10m out from the Roosters line. Raiders have had a lot of the ball...

12th min: PENALTY! That's 4-1 to the Raiders on the penalty count. Raiders attacking now.

11th min: PENALTY! Sandor Earl ruled to have been tackled in the air, not sure about that - looked like Daniel Tupou was going for the ball. Raiders get the chance to go on the attack.

7th min: TRY! Wow, first attacking play for the Roosters, and Shaun 'SKD' Kenny-Dowell scores a try, running straight past Sam Williams. Braith Anasta misses the conversion. Roosters 4-0.

6th min: PENALTY! Now the Roosters get a penalty and move into attack.

6th min: McCrone and Dugan combine but can't quite get the chocolates, Roosters doing plenty of defence early.

In the under-20s one of my favourites, Edrick 'STICKS' Lee, scored a double as the Raiders ran out 44-20 winners.

3rd min: PENALTY! Another penalty against the Roosters but Josh Dugan doesn't make touch. Roosters let off the hook early.

2nd min: DROP OUT: Josh McCrone earns his side another set with a neat grubber into the in-goal.

2nd min: PENALTY! Roosters are offside, Raiders will chase an early try.

KICK-OFF: And the Roosters have first use of the football.

One late change for the Roosters, Daniel Tupou in for Adam Henry on the wing. It's 1-17 for the Raiders.

Phew - I've got the bus from Manuka Oval to Canberra Stadium and am ready to bring you all the action here. The Raiders are favourites for this clash, which for me is the kiss of death. Expect the Roosters to win by 40 now...

And Canberra Stadium is without doubt the coldest place in Australia right now. It's freezing and windy. Considering the Roosters didn't train yesterday because it was too cold, it's going to be interesting to see whether they produce the goods tonight.


Preamble: The Roosters' season is over. And it will be for the Raiders if they lose to the lowly cellar dwellers. We bring you all the live action from Canberra Stadium.

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