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NRL star Sam Burgess saves choking man at Sydney Fish Market

Sam Burgess has been labelled a hero after reportedly launching into action to save a man from choking during an eating competition in Sydney.

According to, the South Sydney Rabbitohs were taking part in an eating challenge at the Sydney Fish Markets on Friday when a Decosti Seafood manager joined in and began to choke.

Burgess apparently responded immediately, running to the man, grabbing him, then using his body weight to try to dislodge the food for up to 40 seconds until the man was able to swallow.

"I'm telling you, Sam is a hero," the witness told Fox Sports. 

In a post on Twitter, the Sydney Fish Markets praised Burgess's actions.


The Rabbitohs were at Decosti as part of a team bonding day, and were split into small groups for the eating challenge. 

"He saved this life," the witness said. "Another 30 seconds and it could have gone either way."