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State of Origin: Your Twitter guide

The State of Origin games kick off tonight, but the Twitter battles are already underway with hashtags and fan photos stirring up the states.

Both #stateoforigin and #origin have been trending for the last three days. The most popular hashtag so far is #origin, which has the added bonus of seven extra characters to taunt the opposition with.

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The origin game is the main topic in Queensland at the moment, with few other topics even coming close. Meanwhile in Sydney, the origin hashtags have been rapidly gaining ground and eating up bandwidth all day for other popular topics.

So far, Queensland is winning the Twitter match, with #9inarow tagged tweets increasing steadily throughout the day.

Origin of the species: It's #9inarow versus #oneinarow.
Origin of the species: It's #9inarow versus #oneinarow. Photo: Getty Images

New South Wales has responded valiantly, with the slightly slower (and less impressive) #oneinarow seeing a tweet every ten minutes or so.

For NSW supporters, the hashtag to follow will be #uptheblues, while the strongest hashtags so in Queensland far have been #maroons and #queenslander.


Queensland is also leading the charge when it comes to the pictures they're sharing on the social network.

The official Rugby League News account is midway through a supporter poll, Twitter-style:

Trending hashtags from Queensland.
Trending hashtags from Queensland. Photo: Trendsmap

The platform is set to be awash with tweets of team spirit, and battle metaphors:

Trending hashtags from NSW.
Trending hashtags from NSW. Photo: Trendsmap

But it’s not all war, or at least not war on empty stomachs.

Beyond the demonstrations of culinary flair and team spirit, some Queenslanders are looking for omens as to the outcome of tonight:

Come on NSW, time to up the Twitter #origin battle.