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Sydney's in Queensland, right?

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Singer/songwriter Denis Carnahan says it himself: He doesn’t mind taking the piss.

Usually, he’s taking it out of his own poorly-performing team, the Canberra Raiders. But in his latest video which is gaining popularity online, he’s having a crack at the Queensland State of Origin team.

“The reason I take piss-takes is that I’m a passionate fan,” Denis says of his video, That's in Queensland. “So I get how fans can be so nuts about footy.”

He reckons a few of his Queensland mates have phoned to comment on the satire: "They've just called and shouted down the phone: 'Queenslander!'. What a great response."

He was inspired by a Bundy Rum television ad. “I could see it: ‘That’s in Queensland’. It was perfect.”

Denis wrote music for four Next Top Model series. He also writes music and satire for other television programs, and teaches production at NIDA.

He produces an up-and-coming band called Aston which is gaining some traction in the United States.

“It’s funny,” he says. “I’m stoked that my little video gets 30,000 views on YouTube. They (Aston) are disappointed if they get less than 500,000 on one of their videos.”