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Brumbies CEO Michael Jones says chairman Robert Kennedy not being investigated

ACT Brumbies chief executive Michael Jones says chairman Robert Kennedy is not connected to the transactions under investigation into the Super Rugby club's relocation from Griffith to the University of Canberra, despite him being on the finance committee at the time.

The Brumbies asked ACT Policing to look into "anomalies" that had arisen from the $11.37 million sale of their former Griffith headquarters and subsequent move to the university last week.

Mr Kennedy was on the club's finance committee when the deals were being done, but Mr Jones said his current chairman was not involved with the transactions in question.

The Brumbies asked KPMG Forensic to examine  50,000 emails and 45,000 pages of documents after becoming concerned with several inconsistencies.

Last week, Mr Jones had said in a statement "no current staff member is implicated in this matter in any way".


But Mr Kennedy was involved with the club in another capacity during the period under examination between 2009 and 2013.

"He wasn't involved, absolutely not, absolutely 100 per cent confident [Mr Kennedy wasn't involved with the transactions]," Mr Jones said.

"The only answers to questions I'm really doing is when people have drawn false conclusions or are speculating ... Rob's got nothing to do with it."

Current Adelaide Crows chief executive Andrew Fagan was in charge of the Brumbies at the time of the deal.

Mr Jones said last week it would be "up to the police" to decide if Mr Fagan would be asked to help with their investigations.

It's still unclear what exactly the transactions being investigated relate to, except for the Brumbies stating there was no money missing or embezzled.

There was no time frame for when the  investigation would be completed, which ACT Policing confirmed on Tuesday was ongoing.

Mr Kennedy confirmed to Fairfax Media he was on the Brumbies' finance committee at the time, but he said they'd had minimal involvement with the move from Griffith to the University of Canberra, which saw the Super Rugby club pitch in $5 million towards the construction of their new base.

Mr Kennedy said he didn't have any knowledge of the transactions at the time they were happening.

"I wasn't terribly involved at all in that, I suppose that's part of the issue at the moment - lots of people know little bits of things and that's why we've referred it to the police to get the whole picture put together," he said.

"That's the problem, there's multiple years involved and multiple transactions, lots of people know bits and pieces, I know bits and pieces, but it needs the proper authorities to put it all together."

Mr Kennedy said the investigation wouldn't impact on the Brumbies' current financial situation.

They're expecting a bigger loss for this financial year, which closes on Wednesday, than they had last year.