John Eales

John Eales


Finding glimmers of hope means not everything is all black

John Eales It may be correct to say that losers look for victories within losses, but when your card is marked against such a dominant force as the All Blacks then you have to start somewhere.

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Wallabies much improved but a lot more tinkering to do

John Eales

John Eales On a spectrum of emotions, anger and disappointment – while cousins on the grimmer side of the curve – are quite different sentiments.

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A win only a mother could love

John Eales There would have been less fist pumping than there was relief in the Wallabies' changing room at Subiaco Oval on Saturday night. But never has a win against Argentina been more crucial than this one.

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Thoughts on a plane, heart in Brisbane

John Eales 4.10pm Saturday, July 21: QF1 departs for London.


When courage is not enough

John Eales Before the Eden Park Bledisloe Test in Auckland at the weekend the All Blacks reverted to their own haka, Kapa O Pango.

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One-eyed view from west of Rottnest

John Eales You can never please everyone. Last week Sharks coach John Plumtree criticised the current conference system of Super Rugby, arguing it is unfair.

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John Eales

Tahs have the attitude, now for the excellence

John Eales The Liberal National Party challenger for the seat of Nicklin in the Queensland state election had to effect a 16.

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Blue everywhere but hail, too, the emerald green

John Eales It was a blue weekend in Europe. Not the blue of recession or depression for a change, but rather the blue of Chelsea and the blue of Leinster, European champions both.

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John Eales

It's a brave Wallabies fan who scoffs at Scotland

John Eales Just under 12 months ago, as the Wallabies prepared for their opening Test of the year against Samoa, our 1991 World Cup winning team held a 20-year reunion.

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John Eales

Poetic justice: Welsh show Kiplingesque courage

John Eales There's no downhill in sport, progress is continually uphill. Just because the Wallabies had sealed the series against Wales after game two didn't mean they would relax.

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