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Ewen McKenzie

Ewen McKenzie

It's question time but the answers could be a way off

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Ewen McKenzie We are three rounds into the competition, which means we've hit the time of the season where questions are asked of everyone and everything. Nothing is immune to scrutiny.

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There's only one set of stats that count at the end, the scoreline

Ewen McKenzie The importance of a fast start was never more prominent than in the Super Rugby qualifying finals last weekend.

Ewen McKenzie

Forget Quade for a minute - here's to the unsung heroes

Ewen McKenzie.

Ewen McKenzie Stars like Quade Cooper get all the attention - it's time to dip our lids to the unsung heroes that every team needs.

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No surprise to me that Beale is a trump at No.10

Ewen McKenzie It's always interesting to note what the perception is and what is written in the public domain. More often than not there is such haste and enthusiasm to announce the next big thing that sometimes...

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