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John Eales


Waratahs need to get priorities right

John Eales

John Eales Do old habits die hard or are new habits just so hard to form? Is there a difference? One thing’s for sure, if you have to break an old habit to move to a desired habit it’s compounded and probably...

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John Eales

Speed trumps precision in Reds v Brumbies

John Eales The expressions on the players' faces at the end of the Reds and Brumbies 19-all draw on Saturday night revealed neither joy nor relief, or even a hint of satisfaction.

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Challenge now between the ears

John Eales In golf, there's a saying: "You don't draw a picture on the scorecard". It's usually in response to an ugly shot that has a Prince Charming ending.

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Brumbies' story not over

John Eales Unfortunately, decades from now when buffs trawl through the annals of the 2013 season, the Chiefs’ 27-22 victory in Saturday’s Super Rugby grand final won’t begin to capture the season’s story.

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John Eales

An hour of daylight may save rugby red faces

John Eales Sunday was officially the end of daylight saving time and most states had to wind back their clocks one hour to standard time.

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John Eales

Reds confident at the pointy end of the season

John Eales Former hard-as-nails Wallaby and now dentist Brendan Nasser, who Gordon Bray described as having corpses in his dental chair, once told me that he never misses a Queensland Reds game live.

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