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Live: Reds v Cheetahs

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Where to start. The Reds win in a festival of attack. There were four tries scored in the first 11 minutes and Queensland get win number two with a 43-33 victory at Suncorp Stadium over the Cheetahs. It's hard to really get a read on the Reds after that. It was as scrappy as it was brilliant at times. The logic seemed to go out the window on some occasions yet on others, there were blinding flashes of inspiration. They still leaked 33 points but managed 43 of their own in a bonus- point win. Was that the kind of game Richard Graham wanted to see after being blown out by the Waratahs? I'd say not - but the scoreboard will come as a relief as they head over for a two-game swing through Africa.

Special mention to Quade Cooper, who is now the leading point scorer for the Reds in Super Rugby, surpassing Elton Flatley. How many of you thought that would happen five years ago?

FULLTIME Reds 43 Cheetahs 33. I'd list the scorers but I lost track after 11 minutes.

It's good. Reds win 43-33. It's over - phew.

There's the siren, the scrum about to pack five metres out from the Cheetahs line. And it's a Reds penalty. Cooper will take this shot to ensure no bonus point for the Cheetahs for finishing within seven. 

Time is just about up and the Cheetahs are going to have to go 90m.

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Mike Harris took so long with that drop goal attempt he could have sketched it. As it so happens, it was charged down and the Reds go right on the attack. 

Penalty to the Reds, Frisby with the tap! That was an easy three points and that would have put it beyond doubt. That's very poor play. Silly play. The Cheetahs still alive now. But the Reds win a penalty! Crazy game of rugby.

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TRY to the Cheetahs. It's 40-33 and Pretorius burns them to set up Elgar Watts, who converts his own five-pointer. A bad forward pass missed by the referee in the lead-up but that's history now. There's five minutes to go and the Reds up by seven.

Genia takes a seat, Nick Frisby is out there for a spin.

Crowd tonight is 27,760. They arrived late. But they arrived.

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Cooper called for a forward pass but they'd already won the penalty. He lines it up from 45m out, right in front... and... wait for it... waiting... any second now... it's on its way... and it's gooooooooooooooooooood. Reds 40 Cheetahs 26.

'Aussie' Mike Harris passes it to nobody and it goes over the sideline. Back to 'Kiwi' Mike Harris.

Massive hole opens up for Genia and he didn't appear to notice. Just off his game at the moment the Wallaby nine. The Reds pummeling away now and Simmons almost gets going again off a short ball from Cooper. He's collared by the Cheetahs but the home side gets the penalty. Cooper is good from right in front - make it 37-26 with 15 minutes to go.

And with that, Quade Cooper becomes the LEADING points scorer in Super Rugby for the Reds, surpassing Elton Flatley.

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Saia Faingaa gives away a pair of penalties and Goosen will eat this for breakfast. Cheetahs hang in there with the penalty. It's 34-26.

Attacking line out here for the Cheetahs. They need to get one back ASAP, although there is 23 minutes left, which is about 20 or 30 tries in this game. 

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Great rugby from the Reds and that will be a well-earned try to Feauai-Sautia if he gets it down. That was 14 phases of patient, probing football and Cooper breks them open with a perfectly placed grubber kick. Feauai-Sautia chases and plucks it out of the air for the put down. They are having a very, very close look.... and up goes the hand. TRY to the Reds. The conversion hits the upright. Reds lead 34-23.

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Penalty to the Cheetahs but the visitors got away with a forward pass in a big way there. They'll take this right in front and that shifts the score to 29-23 in favour of the Reds. Just incredibly sloppy play from both teams, but the Cheetahs get the advantage on this occasion. 

Lovely ball from Quade - but it's called forward. That was a very close call - a little tough in my book. But Toua was off and running. Call came from the touch judge.

We're back on deck as the Reds take this nine-point lead into the second half. And a mistake-fest to start. Toua wins that little battle by slicing it out on the full. Liam Gill is gone for the night - took a knock in the first half and has failed the concussion test.

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WHAT A TRY! The Reds score after halftime and I can barely describe what went on there. James Hanson rumbles down the touchline like a short, white, bearded Jonah Lomu, brushing off a couple of the way. Simmons made the initial break but Cooper's pass was the key. Blindly flicked it to nobody - but in a good way. Saw the open space, just lobbed it out there and Hanson was on the same page. Cooper converts, what a half, what a try. Let's all take a breath. Reds have a bonus point at halftime. It's 29-20.

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