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Live: Wallabies v All Blacks

A draw. You could have written your own ticket on that one before the game. No tries between them and in the end, nothing could separate the Wallabies and the All Blacks, who can't continue on their winning streak.

Dan Carter had the chance to be the hero at the end of the game but his drop-goal attempt after fulltime was pushed across the face of the uprights. They all stand around with hands on heads and the final score is 18-all.

The Wallabies had a chance of their own right on fulltime but couldn't decide what they wanted to do with the ball. In the end, after a long string of phases, they gave away the penalty without firing a shot.

Both sides offered up mistakes and it wasn't pretty but that was an enthralling game of rugby, with more of the fall-out to come after Scott Higginbotham's knee and headbutt on Richie McCaw.

Thanks for joining our live coverage from Suncorp Stadium.

FULLTIME Wallabies 18 All Blacks 18.

80th+3 min ABs opt for the scrum. And another penalty and away they go. And another penalty. And Smith is clear! Wallabies drag him down but they are in tatters! It's 18-all and the ABs haven't given up... ABs retain the ball and it's them in the box seat now. Cruden and Carter on either side of the ruck... Carter... misses!

80th min Harris right back in the slot for the drop-goal... Wallabies still driving forwards inch by inch. No hurry at all from the Australians as the crowd gets into their corner. And they've waited too long... penalty to the All Blacks. They have to go 80m.

79th min Wallaby phase ball with just a minute left. They're 40m out and are working their way towards the posts. Joubert watching closely. Wallabies edging their way up the park... siren has sounded.

76th min Kieran Read has been named man-of-the-match already as Beale flings one back inside and it's called forward. Concept was good. Execution lacking. This is really the time of the game when you want your 10 to take over. Beale has made a pair of errors. He's looked decent enough for most of the night there, though. All Black scrum on the Wallaby 40m line. And the Wallabies work hard and win a feed of their own. Great work from the gold set piece. It's 18-all.

73rd min And here we go... a penalty to the Wallabies. Mike Harris is right in front and can level the scores. It has been a real kick-a-thon here. He makes no mistake and it's all square. Wallabies 18 All Blacks 18.

Who's nervous (apart from the Wallabies)?

72nd min Mike Harris can't do anything right. Gets belted in that tackle as the Wallabies attack and drops the ball. Victor Vito on for Liam Messam. The Wallabies need to conjure a try you feel, as James Hanson comes on for his debut. Polota-Nau has been ok in patches but his handling errors have been costly. All Blacks up by three with eight minutes to play.

69th min Gill does well to get hold of the AB line-out but Phipps box kicks out on the full. Suspect he's about to get dragged for Sheehan. Luke Romano on now for the All Blacks as both coaches clear the benches. And now Phipps off-side and the All Blacks are going to take the lead in a minute. Not really the fault of Phipps there - Harris dropped a bomb cold and Phipps couldn't just watch the Kiwis pick it up and score. Carter moves in and wins again. All Blacks 18 Wallabies 15.

Sheehan on for Phipps. And the Wallabies are imploding.

66th min Penalty right in front. This will level the scores as Carter knocks this over. More Wallabie changes, with Liam Gill on for Kane Douglas, sending Dave Dennis to the second row with Nathan Sharpe. Drew Mitchell also on for the Honey Badger, Nick Cummins. It's about to be all square and Carter makes no mistake. Wallabies 15 All Blacks 15.

65th min Cory Janes tries a bit of fancy footwork on the far touchline but it's no good. And the Wallabies have blown the line-out badly and it ends up in the hands of McCaw! They're only a metre out. Nightmare stuff after so much good work.

61st min Ben Tapuai with some great work to win the ball for the Wallabies in great attacking position but his effort is matched by Dan Carter, who does the same for his side and we'll have a scrum. Ma'a Nonu off the park now as Aaron Cruden makes his way onto the field.

56th min The 100 game man, Keven Mealamu, gets a nice reception as he leaves the field, replaced by Andrew Hore. And nifty work by Kane Douglas. Wins it for the Wallabies and another penalty beckons. Beale lines it up from distance. Too far for Mike Harris, who is an accurate kicker but a tad dainty in terms of distance.

I would have liked to see the Wallabies throw caution to the wind here but this makes more sense. That's why I'm on this end of the keyboard. Beale launches but it's no good. Score remains Wallabies 15 All Blacks 12 as Piri Weepu replaces Aaron Smith.

55th min Michael Hooper in trouble here and he gets the yellow card. Fair call - Aaron Smith chipped and chased and Hooper belted him into touch late. Potentially huge moment in the match right there. Carter makes no mistake either. Wallabies 15 All Blacks 12.

And for those at home indulging in some crowd bingo, the lucky number is 51,818.

52nd min Carter edges it back. Wallabies pinged for not releasing (Phipps) and Carter dinks it over from right in front. Wallabies 15 All Blacks 9. No tries of yet.

48th min Well, well, well. The Wallabies throwing it around, as Deans said they would (I may or may not have believed him) and they earn another penalty. And the All Blacks get marched up the park to boot for a bit of chit-chat. They are really struggling to get into this contest. Beale takes this attempt from past 50m - and he gets it. The Wallabies in charge.

Wallabies 15 ABs 6.

45th min Change for the Wallabies with Palu off and Dennis on. Beale dancing around now and running right over an AB defender there. Full of beans the Wallabies - anyone get on the $6.75? Not there yet, of course.

43rd min Terrific shot from Kane Douglas on Read but alas, Michael Hooper is penalised after the fact. Carter takes a shot from 50m out on the dot and misses his second in a row. I thought they may have been keen to go for the attacking line-out there and get some momentum back but they feel they are still in control. They cut through and now it's Nonu dropping the ball! I can't remember so many mistakes from this current All Blacks side. Wallabies 12 All Blacks 6.

41st min We're back on and the All Blacks down a man, with Woodcock still cooling his heels on the sideline. And another mistake from the men in black. This time Cory Janes has a bit of a bo peep at the rushing Wallaby defence and puts the ball down. Dare I say it but they don't look quite as dangerous out wide without a certain SBW. Wallabies lead 12-6.

HALFTIME Huge apologies there folks. Some tricky technical issues from the venue tonight but we have a game on our hands and I'm confident all will be well for the second half.

The Wallabies lead 12-6 and the referee was good to his word, with Tony Woodcock being shown the yellow card just before the break. Wallabies all sorts of outsiders tonight but have a real go and the All Blacks getting frustrated.

It's Wallabies 12 All Blacks 6.

25th min Ooops. Higgers and McCaw have a scrap on the deck and the replay suggests it started after a headbutt from Higginbotham. But to his credit, it was only a small headbutt. And that was preceded by a small knee. But only a small knee. On the All Black captain. In Brisbane. By a Reds player.

Sound familiar?

Both players are called out, both players are sent back to their camps but we won't have heard the last of this. And it was on McCaw. A year suspension? Two? Stay tuned. After all that, Harris has a shot at goal in his sights. It's good Wallabies 6 All Blacks 6.

23rd min That was close. The ABs tear the Wallabies to shreds off the scrum and Dagg chases the chip ahead. It sits in-goal and Mike Harris gets a hand on it - but only just. Huge Wallaby drop-kick eases the crisis on the restart and they get out of jail. But here come the All Blacks - superb counter.

20th min The ABS clear as the Wallabies make a switch - Kane Douglas on for Sitaleki Timani. Another injury? Not sure what his ailment is at the moment but he's not limping or in apparent discomfort. Wallabies dominating possession at the moment but now a penalty to the ABs eases the pressure on the visitors. It's All Blacks 6 Wallabies 3.

18th min Not bad from the Wallabies and it starts with Ben Tapuai, who shapes to kick and makes a good from his own half, then offloads to Mike Harris. Good phase here and Beale gets close... and Polota-Nau loses it. What a let down after some really positive attacking signs. The Wallabies only had a few metres to travel and down it goes.

15th min Nick Cummins, 'The Honey Badger', is scared of nothing, apart from catching the ball. Drops it on this occasion as the Wallabies try to swing it wide and attack. I applaud their ambition but they just don't look like they have the cattle to make it happen. Simple error again and the All Blacks feed the scrum 30m out from their own line. All Blacks 6 Wallabies 3.

13th min The Wallabies win the line-out on halfway. Let's see how adventurous they are from here. So adventurous, in fact, they turn it over. But so do the All Blacks as Liam Messam puts it down after he failed to read the inside ball.

11th min It went back to the penalty as well, as my computer tried in vain to allow me to keep up with play. Carter makes no mistake and he kicks his side to a lead. It's All Blacks 6 Wallabies 3.

10th min They've gone upstairs here for a possible try. But that's only a try if you are Manly and the Wallabies are the North Queensland Cowboys. Aaron Smith lost it forward and the Wallabies can thank Beale for the try-saver there. But already, too many mistakes from the Australians in the face of a wall of black defenders. Wallabies 3 All Blacks 3.

9th min Poor pass from Phipps, Wallabies turn it over and the ABs counter well. Kick rolls into touch but the Wallabies on the back foot. The Kiwis win the line out against the throw as well. Big chance for them here.

6th min Penalty to the All Blacks on halfway as McCabe's little venture out wide came to nothing. Nice little show and go to beat his man, though. Did anyone know he could do that? And in a clear sign the All Blacks don't give themselves any hope against the Wallaby defence, Carter points to goal from 49m out. That's a fair kick actually - Wallabies 3 All Blacks 3.

4th min Thanks to the astute commenter who pointed out the time issue. Earlier pre-match updates were in local time. No daylight savings in Queensland. It's because of the dairy farmers but it gets complicated. Meanwhile, the Wallabies have ball in hand and are trying to make some headway close to halfway.

3rd min Penalty to the Wallabies as the All Blacks failed to roll away (or some such ruck infringement). 'Aussie' Mike Harris lines it up and smashes it over. Wallabies 3 ABs 0.

Upset brewing?

1st min Beale kicks off and we are under way in the third Bledisloe. Long kick-off - and Adam Ashley-Cooper charges down the clearing kick and it almost sits in the in-goal for him to score! But he didn't. And the ABs restart and begin to defend from their 22.

8.05pm New Zealand take points in the anthem but only just. The ARU found a very decent opera singer to have a crack at Advance Australia Fair. Now for the haka - and they've rolled out the extra scary haka as well. Oh boy, this could be a long night.

8pm Teams take the field. Lining up for the anthems. Kiwis go first - they win again.

7.55pm And apologies in advance that our match centre appears to be broken, in what is clearly an early act of All Black sabotage. We're trying to get a fix for this but fear not - I'll update the score and all the cool stats (Wallaby missed tackles, All Black tries) regularly.

I wonder which cast member of The Voice will sing the national anthem? I saw Sarah De Bono at Caulfield today. She might be doing the daily double.

7.52pm Unconfirmed reports that the All Blacks are so confident they are going to perform a rendition of Gangnam Style instead of the haka. Chasing this as we speak.

7.35pm Bledisloe III - it sounds like the kind of occasion that needs a little tagline, like Die Hard: With a Vengeance. Actually, that sounds perfect. The bookies think the Wallabies will in fact die a very hard death tonight ($6.75 in a two-horse race, anyone?), although Quade Cooper isn't here for Richie McCaw to extract even further vengeance, so that sinks that.

But it is hot in Brisbane. Does that help the Wallabies? Probably not. Half of them live in Melbourne or the ACT, so it's not like they've been training in in tropical climates and battling the threat of malaria as well as working on their breakdowns. It may even aid the All Blacks, who have the much more dangerous backline to work with and will have perfect conditions to play attacking football.

Pressure on the Wallabies. Pressure on Robbie Deans. Pressure on the All Blacks to equal the record of wins.

Already the ABs of the past are dining out. Thanks to the AFR's Mark Ludlow for a line from former All Black Eric Rush, who said: "Anyone can have an off decade."



35 comments so far

  • Crying laughing at your commentary already... funny stuff.. keep it up :)

    Date and time
    October 20, 2012, 9:09PM
    • Most people just cry. But thanks for tuning in.

      Date and time
      October 20, 2012, 9:10PM
    • wanna call it now then? take the rest of the night off hehe

      Date and time
      October 20, 2012, 9:24PM
  • Hullooo. Last update 8pm. Current time 9.10pm. Thought it was a live update!!!!

    Wants update
    Port Macquarie
    Date and time
    October 20, 2012, 9:10PM
    • That's 8pm QLD time...

      I understand daylight savings
      Date and time
      October 20, 2012, 9:25PM
    • Agreed. false advertising.

      Date and time
      October 20, 2012, 9:26PM
  • Take it easy with the mungoball references, we don't need to dumb this down.

    Date and time
    October 20, 2012, 9:34PM
    • I am really excited by this match as to how much the All Balcks will crack open the wannabes. I am picking 42-16 for an end score. The Wallabies have got to be playing for pride tonight.

      Date and time
      October 20, 2012, 9:52PM
      • I don't think the Wallabies will win by that much, but well done on your pride and optimism. (The Wallabies can't possibly end up with a score of 16 from here...nice try).

        Date and time
        October 20, 2012, 10:07PM
      • If only the Kiwi fans showed as much humility and respect as the All Blacks did.

        Date and time
        October 20, 2012, 10:11PM

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