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Waratahs want to run? We've been doing it for years

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Ewen McKenzie The bye week has finally come around for the Reds and we'll use it as a chance to gain some well-earned rest but also as an opportunity to reflect and look around.

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'Mucks' killing the ball and the game

Ewen McKenzie Former Wallabies centre Andrew Slack asked me about the offside situation in our game and how he had observed that there was an issue in this space at this time.

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Tough task in finals but there's no certainties

Ewen McKenzie This year's Super Rugby competition is the first time in my memory that the finals contenders were determined one round before the regular season finished.

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Super roller-coaster about to become whole new ball game

Ewen McKenzie The round-robin stage of the Super Rugby competition has ended and, as happens each season, the competition standings were not determined until the very end.

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There's only one set of stats that count at the end, the scoreline

Ewen McKenzie The importance of a fast start was never more prominent than in the Super Rugby qualifying finals last weekend.

Criticism of Queensland's culture was well wide of the mark

Ewen McKenzie One thing I've learnt coaching is that every decision you make is never 100 per cent right or wrong, but the worst thing you can do is be guilty of not making a decision or having no opinion at all.

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Injuries an occupational hazard in modern game

Ewen McKenzie I was recently chatting to a good mate of mine, Simon from ruckingoodstats.com, about all things rugby, and we drifted onto the topic of injuries.

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Conference call: closeness a sign of competition's growing strength

Ewen McKenzie I was asked on New Zealand radio yesterday about the relative strength of the Australian conference compared to the rest.

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Referees must get penalty ratio right in defence and attack to promote attractive rugby and reward adventure

Ewen McKenzie When you become the first team to hold the Crusaders tryless in Christchurch since 2000, it is difficult to understand why the statistic did not come with a memorable win.

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No surprise to me that Beale is a trump at No.10

Ewen McKenzie.

Ewen McKenzie It's always interesting to note what the perception is and what is written in the public domain. More often than not there is such haste and enthusiasm to announce the next big thing that sometimes...

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