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John Eales

John Eales

Kicking off is the easy bit

John Eales Years ago, as I scratched for some advice after a friend's break-up, I said: "Mate, it's not the one you start with that counts, it's the one you end up with that matters.


OK, we lost, but look around you

John Eales

John Eales As if the Brits didn't have enough to be joyful about with the imminent arrival of the royal baby and an avalanche of favouritism heading into the Ashes Tests, they now also get to fill their cups...

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Thoughts on a plane, heart in Brisbane

John Eales 4.10pm Saturday, July 21: QF1 departs for London.

John Eales

It's a brave Wallabies fan who scoffs at Scotland

John Eales Just under 12 months ago, as the Wallabies prepared for their opening Test of the year against Samoa, our 1991 World Cup winning team held a 20-year reunion.

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John Eales

Mrs Barnes delivers, and so does her hubby

John Eales The human mind can make for a cantankerous companion, confounding when it may liberate and liberating when you think it may consternate or even collapse.

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John Eales

Poetic justice: Welsh show Kiplingesque courage

John Eales There's no downhill in sport, progress is continually uphill. Just because the Wallabies had sealed the series against Wales after game two didn't mean they would relax.

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