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Queensland v NSW: The stats

With Queensland Rugby celebrating its 130th anniversary, Phil Lutton trawls through the archives to trace more than a century of grudge matches between the states.

Queensland and New South Wales first met in 1882, when the southerners carried the day to the tune of 26-4 after a match in Sydney.Since then, the teams have played 294 times, with NSW having the historical edge.

World Wars put the rivalry on hold, with no play from 1915 to 1918 and again between 1940 and 1944. There was no competition in Brisbane through most of the 1920s, with the 15-man game only returning in 1928.

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After the second World War, Queensland looked as if it had eroded some of the NSW dominance of the formative years, managing to win four of the 11 contests between 1945 and 1948.

Queenslanders, time to look away. From 1929 until 1970, it was blue murder. During those 38 seasons, NSW won 85 games, Queensland just 22 and seven games were drawn.

Lots of things changed in the 70s – the music, the hairstyles and finally, the one-sided interstate derbies. In the 43 seasons since 1970, Queensland has won 44 of the 74 games and NSW 29, with one match drawn.

The average winning margin for NSW has been 11.7 points and for Queensland, 10.3.

The biggest winning margin for NSW was 45 points (North Sydney Oval, July, 1955 and North Sydney Oval, May, 1963). Queensland's biggest win was 38 points (Ballymore, May, 1979).

Stats from the Queensland Rugby archives