Deconstructing the IT professional

James Adonis   It must be frustrating to deal with technophobes every day and be surrounded by software that resembles a Commodore 64.



Investing in start-ups

Mike NIcholls   There are many ways you can actively reduce your risk when investing in start-ups. Here are a few tips for those who want to get started.


Why do businesses fail – ego or ignorance?

There have been some high-profile business collapses already this year but in the vast majority of cases, business failure can be avoided.


Betting the house on the business

Small-business owners are remortgaging their homes and going cap in hand to family and friends to fund their business ventures.


How to get cash to start your business

Emily Chiantri   From crowd funding to government grants, here are five top ways to get funding for your venture.

ASIC sets sights on unfair contracts

Cara Waters   Greg Tanzer says businesses need to prepare now for unfair contracts legislation set to come into effect on 12 November 2016.

School's back and so are lucrative tutoring businesses

Sylvia Pennington   The school year is underway and tutoring firms are gearing up for a business boost from mums and dads willing to spend upwards of $50 an hour.


Small Talk

Beating the Monday morning blues

Louis White   If you dread Monday mornings here are some simple (and extreme) solutions to help cure the blues.


When you are the brand

Cara Waters   Like Nigella Lawson you can benefit if your personal brand becomes your business.


Dad wins right to flexibility to see kids

Cara Waters   Fair Work Commission finds in favour of a father who told his employer: "I just need to see my kids … they come first”.


Teetering on the business brink

Louis White   The reality of a business startup can be very different to the dream of instant wealth and success.



Stop monkeying around with Chinese business

Tony Featherstone   The Lunar New Year was an example of not enough retailers embracing other countries' traditions.


Ten tips to declutter your digital life

Alexandra Cain   There are many steps you can take to inject elegant simplicity into the way you use technology.


Tax payments all in the timing

There's a knack to paying tax as you go so that you avoid a massive tax bill at the end of the year.

In office politics sometimes you must sacrifice a pawn to become queen

Didn't get that promotion? It may be in your interests to follow the example of the politically astute who build the networks needed to derive enjoyment and support from their work.