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Turning an idea into an app

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I have an idea for an app. I don't have the programming skills, and am wondering how can I get an honest person to make and market the idea? This will be the first of many an app I have in my mind. I would like to know if I can get someone to make the app with no outlay but that person will receive a percentage of what the app has earned for payment?

Let's be straight up: the pioneers left this trail about five years ago, so a lot of the best opportunities or ideas have probably already been explored or done. Before you spend any time or money on your idea you need to do some research on what's already out there, find a point of difference and then find a target market that will value this difference and be willing to pay for it.

With a reported 30 million downloads globally per day, there might be opportunities to target a niche market with a very specific app that has a clear benefit for the end user.

Armed with this information, you have two options:

1. Do a Google search to find individual developers who are willing to work for an equity stake instead of taking the work on hand and charging lots of dollars by the hour. You may find someone willing to work to this model, but this is a fairly unlikely scenario that carries its own risks, including Intellectual Property Protection.


In order to encourage an app developer to get involved, you will need more than just an idea. At the very least you will need to know why people would want it and will share it, what you want the app to do, how you want it to look, how much you want to charge and who the target market is. This gives the app developer a better idea of what the app is about and how being involved with it may benefit them.

2. Of course, if you are willing to spend some money to get the app developed, your options become wider. Perhaps the best development since the apps revolution began is the presence of specialist operators in the market who make it relatively quick and easy for individuals or businesses to get an app scoped, developed, tested, then up and running.

For a flat fee, there are a few Australian companies such as Appster, Gridstone, and Fuse Mobile that will produce professional quality apps for use across the various mobile devices.

Ben Dalton, business facilitator/mentor, Small Biz Connect