Tony Featherstone is a former managing editor of Business Review Weekly and Shares magazines. He is a specialist writer on small companies and entrepreneurs for The Age online, The Australian Financial Review and BRW. Tony’s blog looks at the human side of entrepreneurship and business failure, a topic poorly understood in this country.
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How many horrible bosses have you had?

Tony Featherstone Three in three years? Three in a year? Here's how to cope with the revolving door of poor managers.

What are you really agreeing to?


Tony Featherstone It's too easy to click "I accept" and sign your rights away on online agreements.

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Your boss wants you to wear a device

iriver ON, an in-ear wearable computing device

Tony Featherstone Is it OK for employers to expect staff to wear a gadget to measure their activity levels?

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Avoiding home-business hell

Tony Featherstone How to combine work and play when everyone else is on holiday.

Harnessing the 'yoof' of today

Tony Featherstone Eleven ways to develop a new wave of entrepreneurs.

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Traffic fiasco needs fixing


Tony Featherstone Small businesses are caught in gridlock, causing some to go to the wall.

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Close the screen the boss is here!

Tony Featherstone How much Facebooking, Tweeting and Instagramming are your staff really up to?

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Are our workers ‘Asia fit’?


Tony Featherstone We might have a free trade agreement, but that doesn't mean we know how to use it.

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The trouble with tradies' marketing

Tony Featherstone This is where they go wrong and this is how to fix it.

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Is job-hopping good for you?


Tony Featherstone Once considered a career killer, switching roles regularly is now viewed quite differently.

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Why do casuals have fancy job titles?

Tony Featherstone Businesses are not fooling anyone by big-noting part-timers.

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The seven craziest cost cuts ever


Tony Featherstone Which cutbacks cost more than they save and infuriate staff and customers?

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My computer almost carked it

mac virus

Tony Featherstone Small businesses have much to lose if they don’t prepare for internet virus attacks.

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Christmas sales have started


Tony Featherstone But they're not fooling anyone.

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Forced leave not fair


Tony Featherstone First you want me to work in my downtime - now you're telling me I HAVE to take a holiday. Bosses are stealing our lives. Is it fair?

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Scratching the community's back

Tony Featherstone Are smaller businesses doing enough for their local area?

A question of education

Tony Featherstone Should you invest $300,000 in privately educating your kids or put the money towards their first five business ventures?

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Telemarketing reaches new lows


Tony Featherstone You thought these calls could not get more annoying. You were wrong. Here's why.

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The white-collar jobs turning light blue

Tony Featherstone Too many pharmacists, teachers and vets now work in sweatshop conditions. Where did it all go so wrong?

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Do tradies actually want work?

Tony Featherstone Failure to follow up after being asked to quote suggests they don't.

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