Tony Featherstone is a former managing editor of Business Review Weekly and Shares magazines. He is a specialist writer on small companies and entrepreneurs for The Age online, The Australian Financial Review and BRW. Tony’s blog looks at the human side of entrepreneurship and business failure, a topic poorly understood in this country.
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Is university worth it?

Tony Featherstone Does it make sense to spend three years studying to accrue tens of thousands of dollars in debt and finish with little prospect of a good job?

Are you past your use-by date?

Older worker

Tony Featherstone Too many businesses kick older workers to the kerb.

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2013 Worst Customer Service Awards


Tony Featherstone It's time to cast your annual vote on the companies whose service infuriated you the most this year.

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Do businesses want older workers?


Tony Featherstone The Productivity Commission wants us working into our 70s. Has anyone asked businesses what they want?

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Pulling the plug on holidays


Tony Featherstone Can you turn your gadgets off cold turkey on holidays? Go on, we dare you.

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Responding to rude emails


Tony Featherstone Don't let a nasty email wreck your day. Follow our seven tips on how to respond instead.

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Are you next in the firing line?


Tony Featherstone Be very, very worried if someone younger or cheaper can do your job.

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Will I ever get a pay rise again?

Australian money.

Tony Featherstone How do you keep staff motivated when the only increase is the workload?

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Younger managers shafted

Tony Featherstone Why are younger managers earning so much less than their predecessors?

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Can we have a bit of shush please?

Tony Featherstone Terrible in-store music is driving customers away.

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Gridlock stalls businesses


Tony Featherstone Traffic has pushed the modern worker into the slow lane. The solution? Work from home.

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Why don't professionals get overtime?


Tony Featherstone Everyone else gets it, so why not doctors and lawyers too?

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Is it wrong to whinge about the boss?

Tony Featherstone We've all done it - but what does it say about us? Why work for a business you say you hate?

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Help! My Gen Y boss is a nightmare

Gen Y

Tony Featherstone Getting used to ever-younger managers is a huge issue for an ageing workforce.

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Stop wasting my time

Tony Featherstone Here are seven tips to stop tyre kickers invading your life.

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Sense of humour failure

Tony Featherstone Have we lost our sense of fun at work?

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Keep the fever out of the cabin


Tony Featherstone From too much Oprah, to too many Tim Tams, how can you manage the downsides of working from home?

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Why are savers always slugged to help borrowers?


Tony Featherstone Retirees and some small businesses take it on the chin as rates are cut.

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Numb to the message


Tony Featherstone Ads are everywhere from toilets to petrol pumps to ATMs - but do they still work?

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Small business: the forgotten portfolio

Special Minister of State Gary Gray

Tony Featherstone Why is small business an after-thought for governments?

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