Julian Lee

Julian Lee

Julian Lee is media writer for The Sydney Morning Herald. He was a former marketing editor for the paper and deputy editor of Fairfax's online opinion and commentary website, The National Times.

Target 'tramp' backlash: why are we here?


Julian Lee Marketers are weighing up whether the benefits of being on Facebook outweigh the risks.

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Social media pages are 'ads'

Politicians are engaging with Facebook and Twitter.

Julian Lee A ruling that Facebook is an advertising medium - and not just a way to communicate - will force companies to vet comments posted by the public.

Google restores banned travel website


Julian Lee Even in this day and age, Goliath can still be humbled by a David - in this case a small businessman who went to regulators after Google kicked him off its network.

Travel company takes on Google


Julian Lee Google's dominance of the internet is facing a fresh challenge from an internet minnow.

Woolies' card carrying bonanza

Julian Lee and Vanda Carson A new loyalty card launched by Woolies will collect a bonanza of data on its customers.

Beer ads face a paler shade of green

Julian Lee A brewer's greenwash claims will be investigated by the consumer watchdog.