Max Newnham

Max Newnham

CGT: changes afoot?

Max Newnham Business owners are nervous favourable tax concessions will be removed.

Coalition shuns small business

Thoughtless public policy isn't helping small businesses.

Max Newnham A promise to cut company tax won't matter to most most small businesses.

Tax and cars: the rules

It's important to understand the rules related to tax and cars.

Max Newnham If I have started a business with another person, and both our names are on the ABN, how do we go about purchasing a car using finance and under whose name does is it purchased in?

Tax file numbers and family partnerships


Max Newnham To register for an ABN as a family partnership do we need to apply for a Family TFN or would our individual TFNs suffice?

Cars and tax: the facts

Audi is unlikley to reduce its prices in line with luxury car tax changes.

Max Newnham What's the best way to claim the purchase of a new car?

Calculating turnover for GST purposes


Max Newnham A reader wants to know whether this figure excludes business expenses.

How is working capital taxed?

What's the ATO's position on working capital?

Max Newnham A readers wants to know for his retired business owner parents.

Sideline business tax issues

Max Newnham How are income and expenses treated for tax purposes when someone has a job and a small business?

Tax and the Christmas party

Max Newnham What are the rules?

What are the redundancy rules?


Max Newnham A small car parts manufacturer is looking for the right answer to this question.

Can employers deduct GST from contractors' earnings?

Max Newnham Be sure you are classified as a contractors and not an employee.

A question of trusts

Australian banknotes of various denominations are arranged for a photograph in Melbourne, Australia, on Thursday, Aug. 15, 2013. The Australian dollar has declined 12 percent this year, the most among the Group of 10 major developed-market currencies, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Photographer: Carla Gottgens/Bloomberg

Max Newnham How does a family discretionary trust work?

I'm leaving you

Max Newnham What happens financially when someone leaves a business partnership?

Downsides of a company structure

mad tax

Max Newnham How do the rules work when claiming depreciation on a vehicle?

When do you need to submit a BAS?


Max Newnham Don't assume you can stop paying GST just because your income is under the threshold.

Claiming cleaning costs

Do you know the tax rules?

Max Newnham Is what you would have spent on a cleaner a tax deduction if you DIY?

What's the best way to start a business?

Max Newnham There are rules about what can be claimed as a tax deduction from the purchase price of a business.

How to claim car expenses

mad tax

Max Newnham A reader wants to know how to claim input tax credits for two vehicles.

Cash is not always king

Max Newnham When should you borrow or use cash to fund business purchases?

When is a contractor an employee?

Max Newnham The alienation of personal services income rules determine the category into which you fall.