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GST and business purchases

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Max Newnham What are the rules?

Keeping good companies with trusts

Max Newnham When setting up a trust and using a company as the trustee what type of company do you set up?

Should my company buy another car?

Max Newnham A reader wants to find out whether her company should purchase a second vehicle for mixed purpose use.

GST basics explained

Max Newnham

Max Newnham  

How do SME tax concessions work?

Max Newnham The first targeted small business tax concessions were introduced in September 1999. Since then there have been other concessions and incentives with the most recent being an immediate write off of...

Australia's biggest tax question

Max Newnham

Max Newnham Why should I earn extra income because I will only end up paying more tax?

Rules around awards

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Max Newnham Do small business owners have to pay themselves award wages?

Loans to shareholders

Max Newnham

Max Newnham What are the rules?

Tax facts for doctors

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Max Newnham How do the personal services income rules apply for GPs?

Paying yourself

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Max Newnham How should you remunerate yourself when you're self-employed?

Claiming start-up costs

Max Newnham How should you claim costs when your business is not yet earning income?

Cars and GST

Max Newnham

Max Newnham What are the rules when it comes to buying a car?

GST rules explained

Max Newnham Cash flow is an important determinant about whether a business should register for GST.

The tax changes not in the headlines

Max Newnham

Max Newnham What are some measures announced in the federal budget that haven't been widely discussed?

Start-up write-off rules

Max Newnham Can you claim tax deductions against other income if you've made a loss in a new business?

How do new tax breaks work?

Max Newnham If you buy a computer for $1000 do you get your money back after 30 June under tax rules?

Mixing business and personal

Max Newnham Can a company buy a car that has mixed use?

Deductions and cars: the rules

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Max Newnham How do proposed rules to give small business owners access to immediate tax write-offs for expenses that cost less than $20,000 work?

Confusion reigns with tax deductions

Max Newnham How does the $20,000 immediate tax write-off for business expenses really work?

The $20,000 trap

Max Newnham What's the one thing that could mean a business expense doesn't qualify for the new tax depreciation rules?