Properties and companies

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Max Newnham 6:41 AM   What are the CGT implications of companies buying properties?

SME bureaucracy busters

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Max Newnham   Simplified tax rules have been designed to reduce red tape for businesses.

Seven mistakes SMEs make when dealing with banks

Andrews' heart was in the right place, but the scheme was poorly sold to the public.

Neil Slonim   COMMENT: Avoid these common pitfalls if you want a good relationship with your financial institution.

How to fire a family member

How's your cover?

Tony Kabrovski   COMMENT: Letting someone go is one of the toughest gigs in business. It's even worse when you have to fire mum, dad or a sibling.

How to pay less FBT


Matt Goss   It's all in the way expenses are calculated.

Get ready for SuperStream

WA's AA+ credit rating is at risk.

Philip Hind   COMMENT: Now's the time for small employers to start thinking about their employee super obligations.

Should a start-up physio register for GST?


Max Newnham   The practitioner also contracts to another practice and is unsure whether the fledgling business' income will reach $75,000.

Car tax deduction choices

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Max Newnham   Which is the best method when buying a $60,000 car?

Efic's new lending flexibility

Steele Environmental Solutions' research lab.

Andrew Watson   Smaller exporters will benefit from changes to the way the export credit agency operates.

Risky business: companies and trusts

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Max Newnham   Should a separate structure be created to buy equipment for a business?

Tax paper positive, more reforms needed

A corporate tax cut is on the table.

Greg Travers   COMMENT: Now is the time to explore a completely new approach to SMB tax.

Company tax rate irrelevant

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Max Newnham   A reader wants to know how any tax cut will work in practice for small businesses.

Three reasons we're excited about the ESS

Sarah Hamilton, Bellabox

Sarah Hamilton   The new Employee Share Scheme rules are a huge win for start-ups like bellabox.

SMBs disappointed in public sector support

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Tim Reed   COMMENT: Bold policies are needed to stimulate the growth of the small business sector.

Productivity gap hinders SMEs

Customer owned banks want the financial system inquiry implemented quickly.

Robert Spano   COMMENT: A lack of confidence in the economy has left the nation’s small enterprises sitting on their hands when they should be investing,

We're all getting a tax cut

Bellabox chief executive Sarah Hamilton will never apply for a grant again.

Christine Long   Reports suggest all smaller enterprises will quality for a tax cut. But far more could be done to help business owners.

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How do I claim start-up costs?

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Max Newnham   A reader wants to know how tax deductions are calculated when starting a business.

Smaller businesses raising salaries, hiring

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Tim Reed   COMMENT: Despite dull economic conditions SMEs are preparing for growth.

GST system needs overhaul


Max Newnham   The Coalition could do more to streamline the tax system for small businesses.

How do the capital loss rules work?

 Taxation Office

Max Newnham   A reader wants to know how to make a claim for business expenses.

Accelerated tax deductions: the facts

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Max Newnham   A reader wants to know if he's eligible for the $5000 instant tax write-off.

What's the future of crowdfunding?

Many hands: Medved says there is science behind the wisdom of the crowd.

Claire Dunn   A new approach to purchasing equity in a business could change the world of innovation finance.

CGT: changes afoot?

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Max Newnham   Business owners are nervous favourable tax concessions will be removed.

Coalition shuns small business

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Max Newnham   A promise to cut company tax won't matter to most most small businesses.


The two week tax hole

Australia's GST covers only about 47 per cent of the potential consumption tax base.

Tim Reed   That's how long small business owners spend on this non-productive aspect of their business. Something needs to change.

Overseas sales and GST

Where there's money to be made, the process is always at threat of being skewed.

Max Newnham   If a business sells software online directly to domestic and international customers, will it need to register for GST, even if domestic sales are less than $75,000?

Tax and cars: the rules

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Max Newnham   If I have started a business with another person, and both our names are on the ABN, how do we go about purchasing a car using finance and under whose name does is it purchased in?

Taking stock halfway through the financial year


James Solomons   COMMENT: It's time to review your business performance.

Tax file numbers and family partnerships


Max Newnham   To register for an ABN as a family partnership do we need to apply for a Family TFN or would our individual TFNs suffice?

Cars and tax: the facts

Audi is unlikley to reduce its prices in line with luxury car tax changes.

Max Newnham   What's the best way to claim the purchase of a new car?