In office politics sometimes you must sacrifice a pawn to become queen

Didn't get that promotion? It may be in your interests to follow the example of the politically astute who build the networks needed to derive enjoyment and support from their work.

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Does having 43 universities add up?

Tony Featherstone dinkus

Mergers are needed among second-tier universities so the university sector can rid itself of some dead wood.

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ASIC sets sights on unfair contracts

ASIC commissioner Greg Tanzer says businesses need to review their contracts now.

Cara Waters   Greg Tanzer says businesses need to prepare now for unfair contracts legislation set to come into effect on 12 November 2016.

Separating real clients from the rest

Tony Featherstone dinkus

Tony Featherstone   Six tips to avoid pretend clients and other time wasters.

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Dad wins right to flexibility to see kids

The Fair Work Commission found a small business was in breach of its award after making roster changes without ...

Cara Waters   Fair Work Commission finds in favour of a father who told his employer: "I just need to see my kids … they come first”.

Mental illness: who's faking it?

Faking mental illness is known as 'malingering'.

James Adonis   Look out for the type of employee who fakes a disorder for their personal benefit.

Farewell to the farewell event

Tony Featherstone dinkus

Tony Featherstone   The gold watch is long gone but is a simple farewell lunch too much to ask?

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It's still the economy, stupid

Peter Strong, chief executive of the Council of Small Business of Australia, says confidence is up amongst small ...

Cara Waters   Our exclusive survey of small business owners and operators show their top concern is the Australian economy.

Your boss can read your WhatsApp

Is your boss reading your instant messages?

Cara Waters   Australian employers are already within their rights to read employees' instant messages.

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In praise of boredom, setting us free from trials of endless distraction

James Adonis dinkus

James Adonis   We live in a world petrified of boredom but maybe a little ennui is not such a bad thing.

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Beating the Monday morning blues

Alex Kingsmill says you need to find fulfilment outside work to stop that feeling of Monday morning depression.

Louis White   If you dread Monday mornings here are some simple (and extreme) solutions to help cure the blues.

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partner at King & Wood Mallesons

Musashi wins trademark battle against A-Sashi

The court found A-Sashi had infringed Musashi's trademark.

Cara Waters   Federal Court orders injunction against Australian vitamin business A-Sashi for infringing Nestle's Musashi trademark.

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Open the workplace door to Rain Man

Michelle Lacey and Joseph Asbury with the Little Kickers participants.

Sylvia Pennington   Would you hire someone with autism to work in your business?

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Boss pays $1 million to replace dodgy solar panels on 182 homes and businesses

Fiona O'Hehir, chief executive and founder of Greenbank Environmental, is paying $1 million to rectify the shoddy work ...

Cara Waters   The founder of Greenbank Environmental is paying to replace 182 solar panels that were found to be non-genuine, "because it's the right thing to do".

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4 wishes for small business in 2016

Tim Reed, chief executive of MYOB would like to see a few changes for small business in 2016.

Tim Reed   From consistency in the Prime Minister's office to certainty in global markets, Australia's SMEs are likely to have an extensive – but pragmatic – wish list for 2016.

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Small business backs Sunday cuts

Small businesses want to see penalty rates cut on Sundays.

Cara Waters   A majority of small businesses want to see the Productivity Commission's recommendation to change Sunday penalty rates to Saturday rates implemented.

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The Christmas e-card blight

Emma Isaacs, founder of Business Chicks has written 370 Christmas cards this year.

Cara Waters   Are e-cards a harmless way to spread Christmas cheer or spam polluting our inboxes this festive season?

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Is your debt killing you?

James Adonis dinkus

James Adonis   The easing of bankruptcy laws by the government is a wise initiative but the impact of debt can still be crippling.

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Bracing for the stamp price hike

Australia Post is hiking prices on stamps as the volume of letters continues to fall and it turns its focus to parcel ...

Nina Hendy   Small businesses are scrambling to find ways to avoid the Australia Post price hike to be implemented at New Year.

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Working with family: a big mistake?

James Adonis dinkus

James Adonis   Bankruptcy, family feuds and accusations of nepotism are all potential dangers of a family business.

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Australia Post cops Facebook blasts

Australia Post chief executive Ahmed Fahour is the federal government's highest-paid chief executive but complaints ...

Nina Hendy   Frustrated small businesses say Australia Post's failure to meet letter-delivery times is costing them dearly.

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Why work is giving you nightmares

James Adonis dinkus

James Adonis   Does your job have psychological demands which keep you up at night?

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High Court: Quest guilty of sham contracting

Quest tried to "convert" its cleaners into independent contractors.

Cara Waters   Accommodation provider treated cleaners as independent contractors in bid to get around sham contracting laws, court says.

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Sacked for being too fat

Ranui Parahi's weight exceeded the maximum allowed on a forklift.

Cara Waters   Fair Work Commission finds obese worker fairly dismissed because his weight created a workplace safety issue.

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'Keeping you both in the office is a no'

Police deal with domestic violence on a daily basis, but it rarely generates public  alarm.

Cara Waters   What do you do if both the alleged perpetrator and victim of domestic violence work in the same office? This business sacked the victim.

Be thankful you work in Australia

James Adonis dinkus

James Adonis   It's the time of year to give thanks that you work in Australia, not the United States.

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Do you suffer from back-breaking work?

Tony Featherstone dinkus

Tony Featherstone   Lower back pain a bigger problem for business as an ageing workforce sits for more hours at a computer.

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Is your computer causing you grief?

James Adonis dinkus

James Adonis   If you stare at a computer screen all day you may already be suffering from computer vision syndrome.

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Garbage queen's $10 million business

Capital City Waste Management founder Le Ho has succeeded in a male-dominated area.

Cara Waters   There's nothing sexy about garbage but Le Ho went into the waste management business precisely because it's always in demand.

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Moore Stephens wins restraint of trade injunction

The Supreme Court of South Australia judgment 'devastated' former WKYA Consulting owner Geoffrey Richmond.

Cara Waters   Accountancy firm Moore Stephens has won in a court room battle to enforce restraint of trade clauses.