Work In Progress on Absenteeism

Sick and tired of absenteeism

James Adonis When your employees feel insignificant, they act that way.

Lost for words

James Adonis The ‘sticks and stones’ mantra of “words will never hurt me” has been put to the test in the workplace.

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Worked up about work

Worker in Guatemala

James Adonis A new global survey reveals Aussie workers are among the most dissatisfied in the world.

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Managers in distress

James Adonis

James Adonis An Australian study released last week revealed that 40 per cent of managers are suffering from distress.

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There… but not really there


James Adonis Forget about absenteeism. There’s a bigger issue infecting workplaces and it’s called ‘presenteeism’. It’s when employees are on site but mentally absent.

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Working with the enemy

Conflict at work.

James Adonis If you think your workplace is toxic, get a load of this. Legislators in an American town called Nottingham have voted to allow employees to bring their guns to work.

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The four-day work week

Working week.

James Adonis You’re probably reading this article on a Friday, so you might be sympathetic today to a policy the Greens are taking to the NSW state election: the enforcement of a four-day work week.

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