Over 50? Move aside old 'codger'

Adele Horin Male workers on average salaries are the biggest victims of age discrimination, a study shows.

Social networking - or social and not working?

Social media: help or hindrance for employers?

James Adonis For many employers, the first instinct is to ban the use of social media at work. But is this a smart move?

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Social media used to poach workers


Chris Zappone Your best employees are most at risk of being poached by competitors in modernising economy.

Thresholds lock out older workers

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Older worker

Clay Lucas Report on age discrimination says thresholds should be dismantled as population ages.

Ruslan Kogan: lessons from a renegade entrepreneur

Ruslan Kogan

Valerie Khoo Online retailer Ruslan Kogan gives an honest account of what it takes to get a start-up business off the ground.

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How to sabotage your career

James Adonis Has your job stalled, or maybe even your business? You could blame everyone else, or you could take a look in the mirror.

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Crisis gave bosses a chance to wring more out of their workers: research

Bad boss.

Paul Bibby The common perception that employers and employees pulled together to avoid sackings during the economic downturn hides a more sinister reality that some employers used the crisis to their advantage,...