Valerie Khoo is a journalist, author and entrepreneur. She is founder and managing director of the Australian Writers' Centre.
Valerie is the author of Power Stories: The 8 Stories You MUST Tell to Build an Epic Business and is also an advisor and investor to start-ups and businesses.

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The four biggest challenges in business

Your four biggest challenges.

Valerie Khoo There can be some large challenges to staying in business - but they can be overcome.

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Big goals, big numbers, Bigcommerce


Valerie Khoo Both Eddie Machaalani and Mitchell Harper are firm believers in the idea that if you dream big, you will reap big rewards.


Naked ambition: baring all for small business

Flying Solo editor Jodie McLeod.

Valerie Khoo Work in the Nude Day 2012 - funny name, serious intent.

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A cheeky approach to business growth


Valerie Khoo This entrepreneur is a firm believer in the adage "fortune favours the bold".

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From bricks-and-mortar failure to online success

Valerie Khoo Meet two entrepreneurs who refused to accept failure as an option.


Do you need an advisory board?

Valerie Khoo Going it alone in business may sound romantic but the truth is you can use all the help you can get.


Sex, lies and Silicon Valley


Valerie Khoo Entrepreneurs beware: it's not just what you do, it's who you do it with.

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Anatomy of an app

Animals Ahoy.

Valerie Khoo Games are no longer just for children. Thanks to a burgeoning app market, they're now big business for adults too.

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It's party time for schoolies entrepreneur


Valerie Khoo Three weeks. Six million dollars. Multiple parties. One very successful business.

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Turning a blog into a business

Darren Rowse.

Valerie Khoo Blogging is now big business ... and getting bigger all the time.

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What it REALLY takes to turn an idea into reality


Valerie Khoo Want to make it big in business? It takes great ideas, lots of hard work and for one young entrepreneur, a healthy appetite for risk.

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Meet the man with a million dollar idea - literally


Valerie Khoo Andrew Birt is an entrepreneur who passionately believes everyone should pursue their "light bulb moment".

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Grey hair and grey matter: good for business


Valerie Khoo Meet the 30-year-old who has built a business on the premise that life doesn't end at 45.

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City slickers build a country empire


Valerie Khoo Two enterprising types have proven that you can make money outside the city.

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True believer puts money where his mouth is


Valerie Khoo Meet the savvy app entrepreneur who wants to revolutionise our leisure time.

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A newbie's guide to start-ups


Valerie Khoo Want to improve your start-up's chances of success? Riley Batchelor suggests educating yourself on this growing field of business from the word go.

Bargain recruits at your service


Valerie Khoo It's a global marketplace now and Virtual Co-worker is helping Australian small businesses make the most of it.

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Cabernet, high stress and a winning formula

Red wine,

Valerie Khoo What's the secret to launching a successful start-up business? Persistence and the willingness to change.

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It's a hard-knock life, for start-ups


Valerie Khoo Launch and learn - an entrepreneur's startup education

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Like it or loathe it, perception is everything

Leisel Jones.

Valerie Khoo Is your business looking like it doesn't care any more?

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