The risk of a viral approach

Sylvia Pennington   As one tourist town found out, marketing campaigns can sometimes work against you.

Why normal marketing doesn't work

Katie McMurray: took an alternative approach to marketing.

Claire Dunn   It's time to forget everything you used to know about how to reach customers.

Never call your customers

Public servants have been warned about the dangers of phones.

Kate Jones   If calling your customers is part of your sales plan, think again. Research shows phoning customers is outdated, intrusive and most importantly, nothing but a waste of time.

The superpower fuelling turbo start-ups

Often a so-called unlimited phone plan is extremely limited once you read the terms and conditions, clearer industry guidelines could help solve the problem.

Lauren Davidson   What's the secret ingredient the top new ventures all share?

Five things to consider before building a website

Computer generic

Ashleigh Ryan   COMMENT: Avoid common mistakes business owners make with these great tips.

Kick stage fright to the kerb


Kate Jones   Terrified of public speaking? Never again dread a presentation with these great tips.

NBN putting video in the spotlight

Gone are the days when Australian web users had to wait minutes for a video to load.

Simon Palan   COMMENT: It's a premium marketing tool businesses can no longer afford to ignore.

Is Facebook dead?

Facebook use is declining.

Christine Long   It looks like the once-popular social media platform is heading the way of MySpace, at least for business purposes.

The secret to getting to the top of Google

TPG is facing growing opposition from iiNet shareholders over its takeover bid for the company.

Kate Jones   Jump to the top of search engine lists with this nifty tip.

Five free marketing tips


Kate Jones   At least one of these ideas has the potential to quadruple your revenue.

Google punishes clunky mobile sites

mobile phone

Sylvia Pennington   If you don't have the right website your business will effectively disappear.

Make LinkedIn work for you


Caroline James   It's an incredible way of generating business leads and contacts if you get it right.

A million Insty followers and counting

Thessy Kouzoukas (L) and Yiota Kouzoukas from Instagram sensations Sabo Skirt.

Larissa Ham   Meet the local duo that is dominating the hottest social media channel on the planet.

Encouraging 'intrapreneurs'

An entrepreneurial mindset delivers advantages for companies.

Cade Witnish   COMMENT: Encouraging staff to be entrepreneurial has business benefits.

Do Google Adwords really work?

Elisha Casagrande decided to pull the pin on Google AdWords and continue with alternative marketing strategies.

Louis White   Elisha Casagrande had a three-month campaign on the platform. So why didn't she get a single sale from it?

Eight tips for an effective multi-channel marketing plan

An unusual name can help you stand out in a good way, say those who have one.

Scott McMillan   You're more likely to be successful if you use more than one communication method.

You need to monitor trending topics

Unfriending an employee on Facebook after confrontation could be indicative of unreasonable behaviour, the workplace tribunal has found.

David Hickey   If something's happening online that affects your business, you need to be on top of it.


Great approaches for content marketing


David Hickey   Three tips for content strategy and brand development.

Five things that make us click

Caroline James   What are the secrets to making people enter your web site, read your ads and open your emails?

Make the most of LinkedIn groups

Tom Willis from LawPath.

Sylvia Pennington   They are the key to making the most of the social business platform. So how can you join in?

Design your ideal business

painting, generic SPECIAL 45

Vince Frost   Success isn't a fluke, it's an art form.

Your blog can attract millions of followers

Christina Butcher

Larissa Ham   Australia's top social media stars share the secrets of their success.


"He's been questioned by police."

Social media

Toby Jenkins   Business owners need to plan for the worst to make the most of social media.


Is Facebook a waste of time for businesses?


Gina Lednyak   An estimated one out of every 15,000 users actually responds to posts. So why are you bothering with this social media channel?

What's the key to customer service?


Jo Sabin   In an online world, the way you respond to clients can set your business apart.

Looking good on LinkedIn


Sylvia Pennington   There are six million Aussie members. So how can you stand out?


Social media versus SEO

Social media

Mitchell Harper   The hype versus the reality.

Meet the blogger's blogger

Lorraine Murphy

Caroline James   This is the woman who connects Australia's social media stars with the big brands.


Why social media drives sales

Social media

Elsita Meyer-Brandt   Research shows sending mesasges on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn has financial benefits.


When is it time to take back control?

Generic Binioculars

How businesses can use a management buyout as a strategy for growth.