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Q. I have recently started a new hospitality specific jobs board, I'm having no difficulty getting new business to list there job adverts on my site, however, the main issues is getting candidates to know about it without paying a fortune in Adwords advertising etc.

I'm currently maintaining a blog, Facebook page, LinkedIn group and of course Twitter and Chimpmail subscriptions which are all directing potential candidates towards the site.

We roughly experience anywhere from 3500 unique hits per day however its becoming clear that this number needs to be at least 4 times this amount.

I'm currently working on posters for hospitality schools, tafes, university and colleges however I was just wondering if your had any advice.

Congratulations on having developed your business to its current stage.

The key to your ultimate success is getting your site to become known as the key site for job advertising for the hospitality industry.  There are many ways of doing this and your social media activities should be helpful in this regard.


You say that you have been successful in attracting job listings to your site and as this appears to be your main source of income, I assume that your sales revenues are meeting expectations.  I am therefore confused as to why you feel you need to further lift hits to your site.  I would imagine that hotels are continuing to advertise with you because they are happy with the results they have been getting.

Google Adwords can be very effective in attracting customers to a website; however you are trying to use it for attracting users to your site.  I would have some serious concerns with this approach.

I note that the current Google ranking of your site is quite low at zero.  This will be impacting the search engine performance for your site.  Getting your site to come up near the top on page one of Google search results is the sphere of search engine optimisation (SEO).  I would therefore suggest that you divert some or all of the money you are now spending on your Adword campaign to SEO.  There are many companies specialising in this area who will be able to help you here.  There is also a large body of information available online on the topic.

I wish you good luck.

Please note that this information may be regarded as general advice. Accordingly, you should consider the appropriateness of any advice with regards to your own objectives and financial situation before acting on it.

Guy Ward is a business and engineering consultant and a business mentor with Small Business Mentoring Services. SBMS is a not-for-profit association offering SMEs guidance and advice.

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