Ten tips to declutter your digital life

Alexandra Cain   There are many steps you can take to inject elegant simplicity into the way you use technology.

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Chin chin to the gin renaissance

Cameron McKenzie, one of three owners of Four Pillars, in the company's distillery in Healesville.

Small Australian distillers are tapping in to a global boom in gin.

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Bunking in with Airbnb for business travel

Guy Pearson uses online room booking service Airbnb for his work travel.

Cara Waters   Small businesses are turning to Airbnb for their business travel as the sharing economy continues to gather speed.

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How I quit procrastinating

Alexandra Cain

Alexandra Cain   We all do it and it's wasting our time and energy. Here's how to break the habit.

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Are tattoos at work still taboo?

Alexandra Cain

Alexandra Cain   Certain businesses that hire staff with visible ink are taking a substantial risk.

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How to create a cult business

Corrine Noyes, founder of Madame Flavour teas, says you have to put your heart on the line.

Claire Dunn   Why having a cult business is the holy grail of business.

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How to be an Uber driver

Alexandra Cain

Alexandra Cain   There are a few secrets you need to know to make your car ride business a success.

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Five tips for surviving hump day

Alexandra Cain

Alexandra Cain   Wednesdays are tough at the start of the year. Here's how to breeze through them.

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5 business trends set to shape 2016

Immersive reality technology could have important applications for small business.

Adam Courtenay   Futurists predict the top trends that will impact on your small business this year.

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Boss pays $1 million to replace dodgy solar panels on 182 homes and businesses

Fiona O'Hehir, chief executive and founder of Greenbank Environmental, is paying $1 million to rectify the shoddy work ...

Cara Waters   The founder of Greenbank Environmental is paying to replace 182 solar panels that were found to be non-genuine, "because it's the right thing to do".

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Moving on: Fruit and veg traders settle into new market

Flavorite hydroponic tomatoes wholesale business manager Grant Nichol says small traders found the move tough.

Engel Schmidl   Fruit and vegetable traders are trying to put teething issues and 10 years of bad blood behind them as they settle into the new Melbourne Wholesale Fruit Vegetable and Flower Market.

How business can boom on New Year's Eve

Sydney's spectacular New Year's Eve fireworks display is the work of small family business Foti Fireworks.

Kate Jones   For the small business behind Sydney's New Year's fireworks spectacular and other hardworking small business New Year's Eve is one of the busiest times of year.

Nordic countries seek to claim Santa

Santa Claus is big business for some small towns in Europe.

Matti Huuhtanen   Where Santa Claus is actually from is an issue of economic significance for the small towns involved.

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All I want for Christmas is a hoverboard

Paulina Ciurzynska and Laeyna Rillotta from Future Wheels are tapping into the demand for hoverboards this Christmas.

Kate Jones   Are hoverboards just this year's hipster fad or the transport of the future?

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Five tips to present like a TED pro

Alexandra Cain

Alexandra Cain   Anyone can address an audience like an expert orator with these easy lessons.

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The Christmas e-card blight

Emma Isaacs, founder of Business Chicks has written 370 Christmas cards this year.

Cara Waters   Are e-cards a harmless way to spread Christmas cheer or spam polluting our inboxes this festive season?

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What happens when the trend is over?

Sheryl Thai, founder of Cupcake Central, says there will always be demand for cupcakes.

Cara Waters   Cupcakes reached when Sex and the City was screening and macarons can now be found in McDonalds but some businesses thrive when the fad has finished.

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A make or break time of year

Mandy Krywulycz from Itha's Puddings starts budgeting for next year as soon as Christmas is over.

Kate Jones   'Tis the season to make a once a year profit for these small businesses.

Terrified to take time off?

Alexandra Cain

Alexandra Cain   If you're burnt out and in desperate need of down time but can't bear to go on holiday, chances are you're suffering from FOTAL.

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Cat yoga is officially a thing

Perth yoga studio Yoga Vine recently held cat yoga classes to raise money for charity.

Cara Waters   There's humming yoga, hip-hop yoga and now one Sydney yoga studio is offering cat yoga.

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Is your agent dumb and dodgy?

Alexandra Cain

Alexandra Cain   Real estate agents can run, but they can't hide thanks to new technology that rates their performance.

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Why are junior staff so stupid?

Alexandra Cain

Alexandra Cain   Their stunning sense of self-importance is inversely proportionate to their value. Who's at fault?

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Making money out of shark attack paranoia

Close call: Pro surfer Mick Fanning is attacked by a shark during the finals of the J-Bay Open in Jeffrey's Bay, South ...

Kate Jones   Aussie entrepreneurs dive into shark deterrence technologies after a sharp rise in attacks.

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Part-time is the new full-time

Alexandra Cain

Alexandra Cain   How come so many people refuse to work full-time?

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Bruce Billson quits politics

Former small business minister Bruce Billson will not contest his seat at the next election.

Cara Waters   Small business community quick to mourn man who has "many fans and few enemies".

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Cashing in on adult colouring books

Colourology founder Sally Belinda Broad is trying to strike while the iron is hot.

Kate Jones   Meet the entrepreneurs making serious money from the sudden interest in colouring in.

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Death of the evening work cult

Alexandra Cain

Alexandra Cain   Is it still acceptable to expect staff to keep slogging into the wee hours?

Seven deadly small business video sins

The founders of Smudge Publishing, Jonette George, Daniele Wilton and Katie Wilton use video in their business to great ...

Caroline James   There's never been a better time to yell "action" to your colleagues. But how do you avoid getting it badly wrong?

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Meet the Australian woman advising world leaders

Alexandra Cain

Alexandra Cain   She co-founded an investment bank and now she's taking New York.

'It exploded from day one'

Amanda Daley coaches those in the wellness industry on how to build profitable businesses.

Cara Waters   After her battle with illness Peta took a risk. Now she runs a million-dollar health business.

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