We walked away from our old lives

Donna Sparx has started two new businesses: one playful, the other strategic.

Christine D'Mello   Meet the people who tossed in their boring jobs to follow their dreams.

Why I hate Shark Tank

Alexandra Cain

Alexandra Cain   Why are we not yet tired of ritual humiliation on TV?

Ready for the silliest day of the year?

pks000329.001.004 for today. pic by penny stephens. generic laugh pic - rob...

Kate Jones   What are companies planning for April Fools hoaxes this year?

Easter's business time for chocolatiers

New Farm's Easter eggs.

Sylvia Pennington   And sweet tooths are about to delight in the fruits of their labour.

Can Serena Williams sell your business?

Serena Williams has endorsed the EnduraCool Instant Cooling Towel.

Christine Long   One Aussie entrepreneur thinks so and spent a fortune booking her to promote his product. Did it work?

No wet fish please ladies

Alexandra Cain

Alexandra Cain   Women need to learn to shake hands like a man.

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Can the Boomers sell their businesses?

Ageing business owners are considering their options.

Adam Courtenay   There's more than 40,000 enterprises on the block as a flood of people nearing retirement want out of their companies.

Motivational speakers modern charlatans

Alexandra Cain

Alexandra Cain   Audiences are sick of hearing stories from no-name former executives with nothing much to say.

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Do we still need newsagencies?

Generic gambling.

Louis White   They are likely to lose their monopoly on lotteries, putting their viability in grave doubt.

Drink like the Japanese

Drinks World Asia publisher Marc Rodrigues says there's a blurred line between working and socialising.

Nigel Bowen   If you want to do business with our second-biggest trading partner, you need to first learn a few rules.

It's time to disrupt mentoring

ANZ chairman David Gonski is taking lessons from social media strategist Sarah Anderson.

Sylvia Pennington   A new approach to coaching is giving Gen Y the upper hand.

Work trips = waste of time

Alexandra Cain

Alexandra Cain   The annual corporate get together is nothing but an opportunity for HR to spend company coin.

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Is this the end of plastic bags?

Living Ocean co founders Deon and Kim Hubner are spreading their plastic-free message.

Claire Dunn   It is if these environmentally aware people have anything to do with it.

Are bookkeepers the next financial planners?

Alexandra Cain

Alexandra Cain   Gone are the days of receipts in shoe boxes. Mistakes made by people in this industry can have serious repercussions.

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Do you want that X factor?

Julie-Anne Black views charisma as an unparalleled attribute.

Kate Jones   There are ways to become more charismatic in business and life.

Dollar down, export optimism up

The dropping dollar has made Australia's exports more competitive.

Mark Thirlwell   The upside of the fall in commodity prices and the drop in the dollar has been a significant boost to Australia’s relative competitiveness.

Why I won't do business with blokes

Juliet Potter identified a gap in the car sales market.

Caroline James   Some start-ups are purposely targeting men or women with great success.

The problem with ad agencies

Mad Men's John Slattery looks sensational with snow white hair.

Alexandra Cain   Where do I start? ... is the response from most people who have ever dealt with one.

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Are you cyclone ready?

Small businesses need to be natural-disaster ready.

Warren Turner   With savage storms expected to smash the east coast this weekend businesses have been warned to prepare or face the consequences.

Self-employed more financially secure

For Supercheap Storage founder Edward Thirlwall, choosing your own working hours is a standout feature of being self-employed.

Kate Jones   If you work for yourself, you're likely to have more financial comfort than your wage slave peers.

Seven principles of a successful agribusiness

Nuffield Farming Scholar Joe Muscat and Rob Cairns

Joe Muscat   All small businesses can learn from the experiences of the farming sector.

Is it all over for eBay?


With plateauing sales and shirty sellers the reign of the once dominant online marketplace could be at an end.

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You can win from the oil price drop

Steve Hui, founder of iFLYflat, says there is great potential in the near term for small business from the decline in the oil price, especially if the airlines' fuel surcharge is reduced.

Gayle Bryant   Every business has the potential to profit from the fall in the value of this commodity.

Beat those burnt-out blues


Caroline James   Struggling for motivation? You need our 12 top tips to energise your work day every day.

Romance your customers this Valentine's Day

Cupid illo for print only

Michelle Cross   You don't have to be in the flowers, restaurant or jewellery business to make the most of the loveliest day of the year.

This year's hot sectors


Denise Mooney   Which sectors are set to explode - and which are headed for the graveyard - in 2015?

Top business trends for 2015


Caroline James   If you want to be ahead of the curve, you need to know about what's hot at work this year.

From zero to $6m in two years for SignosRT

Joe El-Aklouk, Signostics employee.

Louis White   This business is projecting 300 per cent growth this year. Guess which sector it's in?

This year's massive growth sectors

Ring from Logbar is a smart wearable that allows you to control your devices with the wave of a hand or the press of a button.

Kate Jones   If you're in wearable technology and hydroponics, there are good times ahead.