Beat the post holiday blues

Kate Jones There's no need to dread going back to work if you follow these great tips to get back to business.

The app that predicts property prices

RealAs CEO Josh Rowe ... 'I didn't believe the algorithm at first. It wasn't until I went to an auction in my suburb. The house was listed for $600,000 – RealAs predicted $680,000 and it sold for $690,000.'

Kate Jones Here's an app that may be the game changer in real estate in 2015.

Dollar drop hurts importers


Adam Courtenay They have had a purple patch for years. But that is all over now.

What's Ron Jeremy up to?

Ron Jeremy.

Kate Jones One Aussie start-up has a new job for the ageing porn star.

What’s the latest surf fad?

Michel Bourez, 2014 ASP World number five, on a Firewire wooden board

Alexandra Cain It harks back to the sport’s origins and could prove to be a game-changer for the industry.

Five ways to boost your memory

Caroline James Imagine pitching to a room of 100 people and leaving knowing everyone’s name?

Solving the childcare crisis

Alexandra Cain Is there really a way to balance looking after your business and looking after your kids?

Job hunting: is honesty the best policy?

James Adonis Should you come clean with the boss about your plans to move on?

How many horrible bosses have you had?


Tony Featherstone Three in three years? Three in a year? Here's how to cope with the revolving door of poor managers.

This teacher earned $50k in two months

Tim Buchalka hopes to make his fortune through online education.

Christine D'Mello Got the back to school blues? There's another, more fruitful path outside the school system for educators.

Cars and tax: the facts

Audi is unlikley to reduce its prices in line with luxury car tax changes.

Max Newnham What's the best way to claim the purchase of a new car?

Turn your passion into profit

Steve Mullie gave up the corporate world for a business in boating.

Kate Jones These people woke up to themselves and are now living the dream.

Meet the bootcamp babes

Felicia Oreb and Diana Johnson: killing it across the world.

Christine Long Two sisters have become a global personal training sensation.

Do you have a terrorism plan?

Are you ready for an attack?

Kate Jones Businesses are being urged to assess their security measures in the wake of the Sydney siege and Charlie Hebdo attacks.

Aussie organic wine back on Chinese tables

Wine grapes.

Gayle Bryant After bureaucracy temporarily stopped Temple Bruer exporting to China, it is ramping up sales now to this lucrative market.

Risk management: the key to business growth

Fraud, hacker, cyber fraud, computer hack

Mark Cleaver COMMENT: When you cut your risk, you cut your losses and improve your chances of maximising profits.


It pays to be bold

Career, businesswoman, work, worker

Annette Kimmitt COMMENT: Female entrepreneurs who set high goals are likely to be successful.

Should we have prayer rooms at work?

james Adonis There are in airports, shopping centres and unis, so why not workplaces?

Employee share options fixed

MONEY 040219 AFR .PICTURE BY Gabriele Charotte /   GENERIC money, purse, savings, bank, atm, economy, interest rates, home loan, wages, salary, superannuation, bills, notes, pay, coins, investment, share market, sharemarket, stock exchange, trading, shares, funds  , fifty-dollar notes, wallet, $50-dollar bills, cash. 50 dollar notes. 50 dollars

Christopher Niesche It's going to be much easier for start-ups to issue equity to staff as compensation.


The internet can save your business

John Allan COMMENT: The outlook for 2015 isn't pretty - and if you don't have an online presence you've got big problems.