Closed for business

Anneli Knight Closing a business is a difficult decision. How do you know when it's time?

Can gossip be a force for good?


Kate Jones According to new research, chitter chatter isn't always a destructive force in business.

Words we can't pronounce

Tongue tied

Gayle Bryant From 'aks' instead of ask to 'hyper-bowl' for hyperbole, it seems many mangle the language.

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What's wrong with our start-up sector?


Bill Bartee Wake up Australia - Israel invests $120 per capita in start up capital. Our figure is just $4.5. Something needs to change.

Monster Health Food Company upstages rivals after aiming for the stars


Esther Han A small business that makes muesli has debunked claims from some of the food industry's biggest companies that a new star-rating system will be too costly and impractical.

Coffee breaks the new smoko


Claire Dunn Some businesses are aiming to make the cafe dash - and its toll on productivity - a thing of the past.

Are all entrepreneurs rogues?

Alan Bond

Christine Long Research suggests it helps to have the naughty gene if you want to be a success.

Say goodbye to the paper resume

Nina Hendy We've digitised everything else. Why not our curriculum vitae?

Make innovation part of your day

AFR Perspective. Ideas that rule the world. Photo-illustration Dorothy Woodgate

light bulb; light globe;

Brad Paterson Innovation is something all businesses want to do, and do better. So how can you make it a regular practice?

Creating a business pre-nup


Ursula Hogben How do you structure shareholder agreements that protect all parties’ interests?

Five tips to boost your energy

Claire Dunn Mojo flagging? Follow these steps to relight your fire.

Don't let fear sabotage your business

Christine Long If you're acting like a deer caught in the headlights, relax - you really can feel fear and do it anyway.

This woman sold her house for your skin


Alexandra Cain And now she's taking her unique pimple cream to the world.

Explaining ‘work’ at work


Alexandra Cain What do you say when you go back to the office after cosmetic surgery?

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What if business owners went on strike?

James Adonis Is it conceivable for entrepreneurs, rather than employees, to go on strike?

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Could you work at home?

Work at home

Larissa Ham There are solutions for people who want to work for themselves, but who still want an office life.

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Should you dress down to get ahead?

Casual Friday My jennaration thumb

Michael Baker It works for Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates and it can work for you, too.

How to generate media coverage

Amber Daines How can you get noticed by journalists and editors as a new business?

How many job ads are fake?

Help wanted

Tony Featherstone Candidates are wasting time applying for jobs that were always going to be filled by internal candidates.

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Six things that will demoralise staff


Anneli Knight If you want your staff to take a go-slow approach, follow these steps.