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ABL flattered by Canseco tweet

Having the legendary Jose Canseco even consider joining the Canberra Cavalry shows the attention the Australian Baseball League is starting to attract.

ABL operations manager Ben Foster said Canseco's tweet on Thursday about playing Down Under next season showed the credibility the young league was starting to develop.

Foster refused to rule out the two-time World Series winner playing in the ABL next season, but said it would need to be in the best interests of the two main stakeholders - Major League Baseball and the Australian Baseball Federation.

The Canberra Times broke the news the former Oakland As and New York Yankees star was considering a move to Australia on Thursday, when he tweeted to Cavalry second-base Adam Buschini he'd play if the price was right.

Buschini, who played against Canseco in 2011, and Canberra are locked in a top-of-the-table battle with the Sydney Blue Sox at Narrabundah Ballpark, with Canberra winning game two 8-7 on Friday night.

Foster said while the ABL's main job was creating future MLB stars - such as former Cavs infielder Didi Gregorius who is set to be first-choice shortstop for the Arizona Diamondbacks this year - it was also keen to entertain with high-quality baseball and boost the sport's profile in Australia.


Canseco would certainly boost baseball's profile in a cricket-dominated landscape, but Foster was unsure whether the 48-year-old would boost the quality.

''The ABL message is certainly getting out there to the wider public and it filters down the baseball grapevine, that's the encouraging thing that I take out of it,'' Foster told The Canberra Times.

''Whether or not it's a one-day story on social media or whether anything comes of it, the good thing is it does show the ABL has that international-reaching appeal.''

A concern for the ABL would be Canseco's admitted steroid use.

Foster said the league was bound by the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority, which has a strict testing regime, but was unsure whether the independent leagues Canseco has been playing for in the US had similar regimes.

Canseco refers to himself as the ''Godfather of Steroids''.

''That's something we do treat very seriously and it's something at the fore of many sports now … [cyclist] Lance Armstrong is all over the papers for what's gone on there,'' Foster said.

''While everyone's for second chances, his admitted use of performance-enhancing drugs in the past would be one of the major questions around even entertaining the idea.''

The Cavalry and Blue Sox have two games remaining in their four-game series - Saturday 7pm and Sunday 1pm.


Australian Baseball League: Canberra Cavalry v Sydney Blue Sox at Narrabundah Ballpark, 7pm.