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Call to shutdown greyhound industry in light of inquiry revelations

An organisation that finds homes for retired greyhounds wants the industry shut down and the $1 million in ACT government funding redirected to schools or "more awful art".

Cindy Daley, from ACT Greyhound Support Network, adds even if Canberra trainers aren't involved in live baiting or the killing of thousands of dogs every year, 90 per cent of dogs raced in the ACT come from interstate - with a statement from the ACT government revealing two banned trainers had raced in Canberra in the past.

A special commission of inquiry into NSW greyhound racing has revealed allegations of live-baiting and up to 17,000 dogs killed every year.

Daley is one of a number of Canberrans who have adopted retired greyhounds so they don't face the same fate.

She said some of the dogs came to them in a bad condition, including a broken snout from being hit and also having to amputate a leg because a bite wasn't treated.

Daley added a dead greyhound had been found at Canberra's dump.


"I'd like to see that money spent on pretty much anything, including some more awful art - that's hospitals, that's education, that's policing that that money is taken away from, and it goes to support greyhound racing in the ACT," she said.

"My personal wish is that it's shut down ... I can't see what value it provides the community.

"It's clear from their own admission that the majority aren't doing the right thing and the cost that these dogs are paying is the ultimate cost - they're being killed."

Daley said even if Canberra trainers were acting ethically, a vast majority of dogs raced at Canberra's greyhound track in Symonston came from interstate.

Also, greyhound racing in the ACT is governed by Greyhound Racing NSW, which is at the centre of the current inquiry.

"We can't wash our hands of it and say it doesn't happen here in the ACT because 90 per cent of the dogs that are providing the entertainment for gambling at the race track are brought across the border to race," Daley said.

"So we can't be ignorant to their welfare for the other six days of the week."

The ACT government confirmed Canberra Greyhound Racing Club will receive approximately $1 million of taxpayer's money this year.

They're undertaking their own inquiry and said they'd be guided by the NSW investigation's findings.

"The ACT Gambling and Racing Commission continues to liaise closely with authorities in NSW, Queensland and Victoria, as well as the Canberra Greyhound Racing Club, to ensure that no trainers or owners who take part in ACT greyhound racing are implicated in this activity," an ACT government spokesperson said.

"The commission has been advised that two suspended trainers, one from NSW and the other from Victoria, have been identified as having raced in the ACT in previous years.

"Commission compliance officers have attended a number of race meetings and have not discovered any evidence suggesting that animal cruelty, including live baiting, has taken place."

The Canberra Greyhound Racing Club did not return Fairfax Media's calls.