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Canberra trainer Neil Osborne keen to keep 457 visa workers in his stable

Canberra horse trainer Neil Osborne wants the outbound 457 visas replaced with similar documentation so he can keep hard-working staff in his stable.

Osborne has always employed foreigners, including Canberra jockey Carly Frater-Hill, and said the work ethic of his overseas workers are unparalleled.

"Carly has been great and in our game the boys here are too big so I have an indian chap on it [457] and he has worked out quite well," Osborne said.

"If we can get them here we'll continue bringing them, kids here don't have the same work ethic as they do overseas."

Frater-Hill has secured permanent residency but said if it wasn't for the 457 visa she would never have been able to make her start in Australia.

"I'm lucky because I'm not on it anymore, but if it goes ahead like I think it will, it will be pretty damaging for the racing industry, most of my friends work on 457 visas," Frater-Hill said.


"There are a lot of overseas workers in this industry so it will affect the industry, most in Canberra are now permanent but there's lot in Sydney who aren't."

Jockeys seldom ride horses named after them but the 'Fraternaters' will jump as a packaged deal at Thoroughbred Park on Friday

Osborne's Fraternater is named after Frater-Hill because the veteran trainer kept a promise when he first met the Irish hoop.

"I asked her name and she said Carly and I said Carlie Rose and she said how did you know my middle name," Osborne said.

"I told her I had mare named Carlie Rose and Carly's nickname is the Fraternater so I told her I'd name a foal after her."

The pair have proved a winning combination after the three-year-old filly saluted on debut at Orange and will jump again in race one at Thoroughbred Park.

"She's a first start winner and pretty fair horse who looks to have plenty of talent, but tomorrow will tell us another story," Osborne said.

"I've got six in and I think Fraternater is our best chance, then Force Awakens in the 1000m maiden [race three] should also run well."

Frater-Hill said Fraternater is one of her favourite horses to ride and ranked the filly her best chance of six rides on Friday.

"All of them have got a good chance but I won last start on Fraternater and it's nice riding a horse named after you."