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Canberra weightlifter Kylie Lindbeck hungry for Commonwealth Games success

It is like turbo-charged Weight Watchers from hell and Canberra weightlifter Kylie Lindbeck is stoked she will not have to worry about fasting to make her competition weight at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

Previously Lindbeck competed in the 69-kilogram weight division, but she decided to qualify for the Commonwealth Games at the next division up, 75kg. She responded so well to the extra weight, she has decided to stay there.

The proverbial cherry on top is she will not have to fast in the run-in to the Games – no more skipping meals and no more saunas. It allows her to focus purely on pumping iron and means there is no chance she will be lacking vital energy when she steps on stage to compete on Tuesday night.

"I responded quite well and my strength and everything's gone up, having the extra body weight on me," she said. "It takes a lot of stress out not having to worry about dropping weight, so I'm able to eat as normal and drink as normal."

Lindbeck's goal is a simple one: a personal best in each category – the snatch and the clean and jerk.

Currently they sit at 92kg for the snatch and 108kg for the latter, which she set on the way to winning a bronze medal at the Oceania championships in New Caledonia in May.


Having only started the sport two years ago, the 29-year-old is rapidly improving and has one eye looking beyond these Commonwealth Games.

She would love to compete at the next Games on the Gold Coast in 2018 after the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in two years' time. But that all depends on the next few months.

Lindbeck needs to qualify for the world championships in Kazakhstan in November, which she hopes to do at Glasgow. Once there, her efforts will help decide how many Aussie women berths there will be in Rio.

"Seeing the progression that I've made so far has been really rewarding and I'm keen to continue and see how far I can push myself and far I can go, so I'd like to hang in there for another four years and try and make it to Gold Coast," Lindbeck said. "Who knows after that? I'll be 33 by then, so I might change my mind.

"To be honest, I'd be a long shot [for the Olympics]. We're hoping to be a part of qualifying two female athletes to make it to Rio, so we've got to go to some qualifying events and worlds is one of them.

"If it's me that gets to go [to the Olympics], that would be unbelievable."

Lindbeck has been training with fellow Canberran and javelin thrower Kelsey-Lee Roberts, who has also gone to Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games.

But since Lindbeck joined the Aussie team, her number of training partners has ballooned.

One of those is Deborah Acason, who will compete at her fourth Commonwealth Games when she steps on stage in Glasgow.

"[Roberts and I] have both progressed in the last 12 months, what we're doing is working," Lindbeck said. "Her coach, Aaron [Holt], is keen to continue doing some Olympic lifting with Kelsey and I'm definitely keen to keep that up with her as well."