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Mark Bourne wins fourth straight Eureka Climb

After running up the Eureka Tower's 1642 stairs in less than eight minutes, you could forgive Canberra public servant Mark Bourne for taking the lift to work on Monday.

Bourne won his fourth straight Eureka Climb in Melbourne on Sunday in a time of seven minutes and 49 seconds – 15 seconds slower than the record he set last year.

It means Bourne is undefeated this year, having won the Taipei 101 stair climb, one in Shanghai and the Sydney Tower race.

But he hasn't competed in enough events to finish top of the rankings.

"I actually found it quite tough today, it was one of my most difficult stair races – the legs were feeling very heavy by the end, so to still come out on top is great," Bourne said.

"I'd like to come out on top in the world circuit again and see how things go next year.

"I may not get on top this year, but I've still had an unbeaten run in the races I have competed in."

He's off to Singapore this weekend for the Vertical Marathon and then Hong Kong.

Bourne won a trip to Vienna for the Danube Tower climb in January for his efforts in Melbourne, but because he'd already been given a trip to Austria for winning in Sydney it went to second-placed Darren Wilson.