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Soccer: Capital Football searching for new chief executive after Heather Reid's departure

Capital Football will search far and wide for a new chief executive to replace outgoing boss Heather Reid.

Candidates are required to have at least seven years' experience in sports management in a similar position, but don't have to have a background in football.

Reid announced on Thursday she will step down as the CEO after 12 years in charge at Capital Football's Annual General Meeting at the end of March.

However, she will stay on in a consultancy role for 12 months to assist her successor in the transition.

Capital Football has grown from an organisation with five staff when Reid was appointed in 2004 to now having 17 full-time employees.


It has an annual turnover of $4 million and manages competitions that have more than 20,000 players from 47 clubs across seniors, juniors and futsal.

Capital Football also runs the Canberra United W-League program, but there is the possibility that could be operated under a separate structure.

Reid expected the CEO position would be highly sought after to help run the highest participation sport in the ACT.

"I look forward to working with the new CEO and I'm sure we will have a very long list of people who would like to do the job," Reid said.

"We would be looking for somebody to have at least seven years' experience at this level in sport and business, not necessarily football.

"It's about running a small business that has a focus on football with 17 staff and a $4 million turnover and a rich and diverse community that we're responsible for."

Capital Football will review whether its high performance programs – the newly-formed Canberra United Academy and W-League team Canberra United – should be run separately.

Especially if, as expected, a Canberra team is granted entry into the National Youth League.

As part of her role, Reid served as the chief executive of Canberra United for the team's eight seasons in the W-League.

She hopes to remain in some capacity with the team as they aim to win their third championship next season.

"If that happens, there is going to have another layer of administration and team management to add to the mix," Reid said.

"That's for the board and the new CEO to determine.

"Obviously I would like to retain a management function for Canberra United next season and then see what happens in 2017.

"There's the consistency as well as re-assuring the players and the staff."