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Andrew Bogut queries Kristina Keneally's leave from Basketball Australia

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NBA star Andrew Bogut has questioned Basketball Australia's (BA) decision to grant chief executive Kristina Keneally six months' personal leave barely a year-and-a-half into her tenure.

BA on Monday confirmed Keneally had taken a leave of absence from January 1 to June 30 to deal with a private matter.

The former NSW premier has held the position since June 2012 and recently oversaw the organisation's de-merger from the National Basketball League.

Chief operating officer Graeme Allen will act as CEO in the interim.

But the news appeared to irk Golden State Warriors centre Bogut, who took to Twitter to query the move.

"WOW, never have I seen a company/federation/org grant a newly hired CEO (less than 2 years on the job) 6 MONTHS PAID LEAVE. #sameoldsameold" Bogut posted on Tuesday.


His tweet sparked a prompt response from Australian basketball great Andrew Gaze, who denied that was the case.

"Leave of absence is for personal reasons," the Hall of Famer wrote.

To which Bogut replied: "3 CEO's in approx 6 years, then this, you can clearly see why people are asking questions?"

"if it is a health issue I'm in the wrong, regardless, I think stabilitly (sic) is crucial for BA, which obv is not a huge strength."

Gaze agreed "plenty of work" needed to be done, but said BA had responded "compassionately and responsibly" in granting Keneally a leave of absence.

"It's great that you care. Keep doing what you are doing mate" the Hall of Famer told Bogut.