Patrick Mills retweeted <a href=> this photo from @ChrisSalazar79 showing </a> the smoke alarm in action.

Patrick Mills retweeted this photo from @ChrisSalazar79 showing the smoke alarm in action.

While Patrick Mills is probably the best Canberran to ever take to a basketball court, extended playing time in the US National Basketball Association has been hard to come by.

He is averaging a touch under 10 minutes a game for the San Antonio Spurs, who boast the best record in the league and have a Most Valuable Player candidate in Tony Parker playing the same position. But the Marist College product has been working hard to still contribute to his team, and he has now put out a video outlining his “secret weapon”: all-league towel waving.

As Dan Devine at basketball blog Ball Don’t Lie writes, “he has used that time [on the bench] wisely, honing and developing a towel-waving game that ranks among the NBA's best and most varied”.

He has developed such skill with a towel, that he has even given light-hearted consideration to seeking an endorsement deal.

Mills’ video shows off his top 10 moves: the pirate, the smoke alarm, the sweeper, the ninja, the chopper, the Zoro, the propeller, the slapper, the holster and the holster when giving high fives.