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Tigers add two pieces to puzzle

DETERMINED to again become a basketball force, the Melbourne Tigers yesterday secured two men they hope will play a key role in this resurrection, but it has come at the cost of import Ron Dorsey.

The signing of former Gold Coast Blaze shooting guard Chris Goulding and US import Seth Scott, an inside-outside power forward originally from Portland State with experience in France and Mexico, had coach Chris Anstey in a buoyant mood.

''Chris, in our opinion, was the absolute best Australian player that didn't have a contract,'' Anstey said. ''He provides exactly what we need - a guy that can score out of the two spot and handle the ball a little bit.''

Goulding averaged 7.6 points a game last season but will have to lift his output.

''We wanted to make sure at all times we had a secondary ball carrier that can at least handle it when it's taken out of the point guard's hands,'' Anstey said.

''It was made more difficult because we had to let Ron go. It's a tough thing to do. Unfortunately, it was for the balance of the team. We couldn't bring Chris in and have a whole bunch of guards. We needed another big.''


Dorsey, with a year remaining on his contract, was a fan favourite at the Tigers. He is in the US for the birth of his child but could yet return to the NBL.

''He will get looked after by the club with a percentage of his salary paid back and I genuinely hope he can pick up another contract, and I think he will,'' Anstey said.

The Tigers hope Scott will not only give them size inside but can score from the perimeter and combine well with Matt Burston and free-agent signing Adam Ballinger on the front line.

''He is a guy who can fit into a system but can also create his own shot. He is a big body,'' Anstey said.

But the forward will need to impress Anstey to secure a starting spot.

The missing piece remains an import point guard. The Tigers do not believe there is a suitable Australian player.