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Promoter: Geale on verge of greatness

DANIEL GEALE'S US promoter Gary Shaw has predicted the IBF middleweight world champion could become Australia's greatest boxer if he overcomes Anthony Mundine next Wednesday night at the Sydney Entertainment Centre.

Shaw made the bold declaration as Geale and Mundine trained separately before lunchtime crowds in a specially erected boxing ring at Circular Quay's First Fleet Park.

''I know Jeff Fenech well but I believe that at the end of his career, Daniel Geale will be the best fighter that has ever come out of Australia,'' Shaw said. ''He is going to be on the international stage.

''[US broadcaster] HBO has asked me about Daniel's skills several times and I don't know if we will be able to fight Sergio Martinez because he will probably do the rematch with [Julio Cesar] Chavez but there is [Gennady] Golovkin out there and a lot of other fighters.

''Daniel is a great fighter, and this Daniel Geale is not the same Daniel Geale who fought Anthony Mundine last time [in 2009]. Anybody that can go to Germany twice and lift the crown of the German champion … that is really saying something.''

After claiming the IBF belt from Sebastian Sylvester in 2011, Geale became the first Australian to win two world title fights in Germany when he beat WBA champion Felix Sturm last September.


The WBA wanted Geale to meet Golovkin, from Kazakhstan, before December 3 and have stripped the Tasmanian of the belt after he opted to fight Mundine in what is set to be the biggest fight in Sydney since The Man beat Sam Soliman in 2007.

''I'm excited,'' Geale said. ''This is a big fight that has been building for a long time and we just want to put on a great fight and give the fans what they want to see.

''I have got a lot of support, I know that. I have had a lot of people coming up to me asking me to win.

''I don't know exactly who has got the most support, but I know I have plenty that is for sure.''

While there was a large crowd on hand to watch Geale train, the audience seemed to grow in size and volume when Mundine took the ring afterwards.

''I'm here to show I'm the best and come Wednesday night you're going to see this man ain't on my level,'' said Mundine, who declined to discuss his plans to boycott the national anthem before the fight.

Geale suggested the move was a psychological ploy by Mundine and showed how much more serious the three-time former world champion was taking this bout compared with their last meeting when Mundine did not even watch video footage of his fights. ''Who knows, it may be real, it may not be. We'll have to wait and see,'' Geale said.

''It's just part of his tactics. He's just trying to get into my head but it's not going to work. I've just got to go out there and execute what we've been working on. He's tried every little thing to try and throw me off my game but no matter what he does he's not going to throw me off my game.

''I'm mentally strong. I'm a lot stronger than when we fought the first time. He didn't try as many of these tricks and strategies but he knows he's up against it now.

''[Trainer] Graham Shaw and I have got a great plan and we're going to make it happen.''