Buchanan wins world title

CANBERRA BMX star Caroline Buchanan has continued her strong build-up to the London Olympics, winning her first world title in the sport yesterday.

The 21-year-old rider dominated the time trial event at the worlds in Birmingham, England with the fastest times for both runs.

British rival Shanaze Reade finished second in a reverse of last year's placings.

Buchanan is now favourite for the match racing, which was to be held overnight.

''It definitely wasn't easy,'' said Buchanan who as top seed was the last rider to race the timed lap.

''When I saw Shanaze in the hot seat with a really good time that I knew was so similar to my first time I knew it was going to be hard and I had to have a really solid lap.


''I managed to shave some time off which I didn't think I could even do.

''Last year I just learnt so much and this year I'm putting it into practice and my head's in a better spot.''

The world No.1 earlier this year became the first Australian woman to win a supercross round.

She is concentrating on BMX for the Olympics after winning the 2009 and 2010 world titles in four-cross, a mountain bike discipline.

Buchanan was the only Australian medallist for the elite and junior time trial events.

World No.2 Sam Willoughby was sixth in the men's elite event, won by American Connor Fields.

Of the other Olympic hopefuls, Lauren Reynolds was 14th and Melinda McLeod was 18th, while Brian Kirkham finished eighth and Khalen Young took 26th.

Bodi Turner was the top Australian in the junior men with sixth and Rachel Jones was fifth in the junior women time trials. AAP