Chloe Saltau

Chloe Saltau

Chloe Saltau is the chief cricket writer at The Age, regularly covering international cricket and providing news, comment and analysis on international cricket. She joined The Age as a trainee in 1998 and spent several years writing for general news (chiefly as a social policy reporter covering welfare and family issues) before moving to sport.


Lehmann won't walk the plank

Chloe Saltau Australian coach Darren Lehmann will not be sanctioned by Cricket Australia for an outburst in which he accused Stuart Broad of 'blatant cheating'.


Boof brings back the tiff after Broad confession

Australia's coach Darren Lehmann stands on the balcony of the players dressing room before the first day of the opening Ashes series cricket match against England at Trent Bridge cricket ground, Nottingham, England, Wednesday, July 10, 2013. (AP Photo/Jon Super)

Chloe Saltau The fall-out from Stuart Broad's "walking" controversy is set to simmer during the home Ashes summer after Australian coach Darren Lehmann accused him of "blatant cheating" and called on local fans...


Debutant Faulkner will add mongrel to Ashes pack

Australian cricketer James Faulkner

Chloe Saltau Chloe Saltau previews the Ashes Fifth Test.


Ahmed to put his spin on post-Ashes one-dayers

Fawad Ahmed

Chloe Saltau Fawad Ahmed is determined to handle the pressure that comes with his elevation to international cricket, which the selectors say could lead to an Ashes Test debut next summer.

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Ahmed in national frame

Fawad Ahmed.

Chloe Saltau Fawad Ahmed is determined to handle the pressure that comes with his elevation to international cricket.


Selectors ponder ODI role for Agar

Chloe Saltau Now the Ashes are lost, the selectors will turn their attention to the limited-overs series.


Coating on bats disguises nicks: Hot Spot inventor

The contentious Pietersen dismissal in the third Test.

Chloe Saltau Inventor of Hot Spot wants protective coatings removed from edges of modern bats.


Hot Spot's inventor blames bat coatings

Chloe Saltau The inventor of Hot Spot has called for protective coatings to be removed from the edges of modern bats, saying he has presented the International Cricket Council with ''conclusive'' proof they...

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Hot Spot tests on bat tape

Hot Spot.

Chloe Saltau, Chris Barrett Secret tests on Hot Spot have shown tape on bats can mask evidence of thin edges as debate rages on over whether the thermal imaging machine should be dropped from the decision review system.


Tale of tape: secret tests show Hot Spot can be fooled


Chloe Saltau, Chris Barrett Secret tests on Hot Spot have shown tape on bats can mask faint edges as debate rages on whether the thermal imaging machines should be dropped from the Decision Review System.

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Hot Spot inventor keeping quiet on controversy

Kevin Petersen on HotSpot

Chloe Saltau Hot Spot has become such a sensitive topic that its inventor has struck an agreement with the International Cricket Council not to talk about it ahead of the fourth Ashes Test.


Pattinson weeps for Ashes end

End of his campaign: James Pattinson.

Chloe Saltau Young and ferocious fast bowler has sustained a stress fracture in his back.


Khawaja's hard pitch

Usman Khawaja.

Chloe Saltau Pitches skewed to suit fast bowling in domestic cricket contribute to batting malaise.


Batting woes 'may have led to Pattinson's breakdown'

Pat Howard

Chloe Saltau Team performance chief Pat Howard pleads for Sheffield Shield to be restored to its former glory.

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Patto's dream turns to Ashes

James Pattinson

Chloe Saltau It took all of James Pattinson's strength to hold himself together as he expressed the hope one day his body would be mature enough to cope with the stresses placed on Australia's bowlers in this...

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James Pattinson to miss rest of Ashes series with back injury


Chloe Saltau Australia's beleaguered Ashes campaign has suffered another crushing blow, with young spearhead James Pattinson ruled out of the series with a serious back injury.

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Cricket Australia fiddles while we burn

Chloe Saltau

Chloe Saltau Memo, Cricket Australia: the strategy for the Test team is not working.


Border slams top order, takes aim at Watson


Chloe Saltau Allan Border, the captain who led Australia out of the darkness in the mid-1980s, says he would be embarrassed to be part of the current top order and believes Shane Watson is playing on borrowed...

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Clarke shattered but not ready to fall on his sword


Chloe Saltau Australian captain looks shattered at post-match conference after 347-run loss.

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Clarke hits a six he's not proud about

Michael Clarke

Chloe Saltau The last time an Australian team lost six Tests in a row, the captain was a broken man. The West Indies ultimately destroyed Kim Hughes, and he tearfully resigned five games into a losing streak that...

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