Dominic Bossi

Dominic Bossi is a football reporter with The Sydney Morning Herald.

The FFA set to confirm a major increase of the A-League Marquee Player Fund to $3 million. A fund of $1 million was ...

Saturday-night A-League heads towards free-to-air

More A-League marquees are on the horizon with tripling of the player fund though clubs aren't holding out for a bigger cheque from the TV rights as Fox Sports and Channel 10 edge closer to a partnership.

Hostile reception: Snakes were thrown from The Cove at former Sydney FC and now Western Sydney Wanderer's goalkeeper ...

Wanderers goalkeeper rattled by the snakes

Western Sydney Wanderers goalkeeper Vedran Janjetovic avoided the media after being abused by Sydney FC fans who threw dozens of rubber snakes at him during Saturday night's derby clash.