Samantha Lane

Samantha Lane

Samantha Lane is a sports writer with The Age's sports section. She joined The Sunday Age's sports team in 2005, where she specialised in the coverage of Australian Rules football, before joining the daily Age in 2007. She has a wealth of multi-media broadcasting experience since starting her journalism career in 2002 at She is also a panellist on Network Ten's Before the Game. Samantha covered the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games, the 2008 Beijing Olympics and will be reporting extensively on the 2012 London Olympics.

Women in Sport

Gender imbalance may cost top sports

John Wylie.

Samantha Lane Australia's top publicly funded sports face budget cuts if no makeover within 12 months.

Drugs in Sport

ASADA probe team expanded


Samantha Lane The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority's investigative team has expanded from six to 22, with 10 additional investigators joining a unit that has been overwhelmed by an unprecedented job.


Industry left on tenterhooks as inquiry drags on

Waiting game: Klaus Mueller.

Samantha Lane Five months have elapsed since ASADA inquiry into cycling was announced.

Sport in Crisis

Call for 'no needle' law in AFL


Samantha Lane The AFL's chief medico wants a ban on players injecting substances.


Fahey hits AFL over 3 strikes

John Fahey.

Samantha Lane John Fahey says the nation's leading football code continues to set a bad example by sticking with its three-strikes policy.


Coaching the coaches next priority

Dr Pippa Grange.

Samantha Lane Athletes not only recurring theme in recently released probes of dysfunctional swimming team.


Lundy denies we fail drugs test

Sports Minister Kate Lundy confirmed nine cases of bullying.

Samantha Lane Stinging critique of Australia's record on drug cheats rejected by federal Sports Minister.

Samantha Lane

ASADA: is it working?


Samantha Lane Questions have been raised over the effectiveness of the anti-doping body.

Lundy rejects doubts on ASADA independence

Kate Lundy

Samantha Lane A STINGING assessment of Australia's recent record of exposing drug cheats in sport, from one of the nation's leading anti-doping experts, has been rebuked by the federal Sports Minister.

Sport in Crisis

Eight-year limit no deterrent for ASADA


Samantha Lane Anti-doping body serious about pursuing any athlete or club that has used performance-enhancing drugs.


Hefty fines await offending swimmers

Barclay Nettlefold, president of Swimming Australia, speaks to the media on Tuesday.

Samantha Lane Athletes found guilty of abusing prescription drugs and bullying will face significant fines.

'Culturally toxic': swimmers hit with claims of drugs and bullying


Samantha Lane TWO disturbing reports into a dysfunctional Olympic swimming team devoid of leadership in London last year will see athletes found guilty of abusing prescription drugs and bullying exposed and hit...

Swimmers could lose Olympic prizemoney

London Olympics

Samantha Lane THE Australian Olympic Committee will investigate, and is prepared to financially sanction, the swimmers accused of breaching the team agreement in London.

Review slams 'toxic' culture in swimming


Samantha Lane and Scott Spits A report reviewing the leadership in Australia's swimming team has slammed a "toxic" culture which saw swimmers abuse prescription drugs, alcohol and curfews during last year's London Olympics.

Comments 128

ASADA to grill 150 players, staff

Bad sport

Samantha Lane The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority needs to interview around 150 players and staff from the codes central to its drugs probe, meaning the investigation will take months to complete.


No AOC mercy for drug lies

John Coates

Samantha Lane Enacting a landmark rule change that could imprison athletes who lie about doping for up to five years, Australia's Olympic Committee is urging domestic sporting codes to follow suit.

ACC Report

Olympic committee takes hardest line

John Coates

Samantha Lane ENACTING landmark change to its bylaws that could imprison athletes who lie about doping for up to five years, Australia's Olympic Committee is urging domestic sporting codes to follow suit.

No hiding place: Lundy calls on drug cheats to come clean

Minister for Sport, Senator Kate Lundy

Samantha Lane BRACED for the downfall of any sporting hero, and the nation's most popular codes having their images crushed, the Federal Sports Minister, Kate Lundy, has implored performance-enhancing drug users...

Gaudry in rhythm for uphill grind

Cycling Australia nominee for The Oceania Presidency of The UCI , Tracey Gaudry

Samantha Lane AN EXTRAORDINARY appointment arriving in the most extraordinary of times, Tracey Gaudry says she's a brave woman, and she'll need to be.

Samantha Lane

Cycling's new pacesetter

Tracey Gaudry

Samantha Lane An extraordinary appointment arriving in the most extraordinary of times, Tracey Gaudry says she's a brave woman and she'll need to be.