Disappointed Canberra Knights fan Kaihdyn Andrae.

Disappointed Canberra Knights fan Kaihdyn Andrae.

The devastation on the face of 11-year-old Kaihdyn Andrae is a sign of how much the Canberra Knights mean to their supporters.

Kaihdyn has been dubbed the Knights' No.1 fan, leading to his disappointment when told they had withdrawn from the Australian Ice Hockey League after 33 years.

Kaihdyn was born prematurely and weighed just 650 grams.

He has special needs learning issues and has been following the Knights for the past four years.

Kaihdyn's grandmother and guardian, Lynette Davies, allowed him to play ice hockey last year and estimates they make five trips a week from their home in Evatt to the Phillip Swimming & Ice Skating Centre.

Knights players took Kaihdyn under their wing, with star French import Maxime Suzzarini giving him individual skating lessons and the team handing him their gear at the end of the season.

''He actually had a few tears, he was very devastated,'' Davies said.

''It's really important to him.

''He didn't miss a home game last year and all the boys know him.

''He's been given hockey sticks and he's their No.1 fan so to speak.''

Davies plans to buy four memberships at $250 each to help keep the Knights alive. Lee Gaskin