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It's Been A Big Week In Art ... with Jim Pavlidis

It was in Algeria during the 1940s that the ideas which inspired Art Brut were formed. Jean Dubuffet had travelled there seeking artistic inspiration and he found it in spades.

The immediacy of the art of nomadic tribes, created with seemingly little interest in permanence electrified the Frenchman. He responded as any privileged upper middle-class Western male would and formed a committee – La Compagnie de l’art brut.

An English art critic later coined the term Outsider Art , which incorporated all art made outside the conventional gallery system.

Perhaps it’s time to introduce the term Cricket Brute to describe the game played outside the expected boundaries of gentlemanly behavior.

Seven decades after Dubuffet’s African adventures, brutishness found its apotheosis on the Dark Continent with the behavior of the Aussie Test team, capped off perfectly by David Warner’s ridiculous run-in with Quinton de Kock.