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Live: 3rd Test - Australia v West Indies

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STUMPS: WI 5-173 (Deonarine 11) The complexion of the game changed dramatically in the last half hour or so. While Bravo and Chanderpaul were together the Windies were a live chance of winning but they're back under pressure now. Clarke pulled a lot of bowling changes today but it's the decisions to bring himself and Watson on nearing stumps was the golden move. Watson removed Bravo in his second over back, so too Clarke with Chanderpaul. The day's report should be up on the website very shortly. Join me at midnight for the final day of what has been a very good series. Enjoy your Friday!

68th over: WICKET! Huge breakthrough by Australia. Clarke has dismissed Chanderpaul lbw with the last ball of the day. And by referral as well. What drama to end the day. Chanderpaul goes for 69 and with him so too the Windies, it would seem. WI 5-173

61st over: WICKET! That could be a game-changer. Bravo is a shattered man. He's fished at one angled across him by Watson and Wade's taken a very good low catch to his right. Bravo's taking a long, long time to leave the field but no matter how slow he walks he can't take that back. The Australians breathe a sigh of relief. In comes Narsingh Deonarine, who has shown some great application at times this series. WI 4-155 (Chanderpaul 62)

60th over: A double change, now it's Lyon to bowl from the opposite end to which he operated from with no success earlier today. WI 3-153 (Bravo 45, Chanderpaul 60)

59th over: Watson into the attack, replacing Harris.

57th over: Huge appeal for lbw there against Bravo. It's turned down. The Australians choose not to refer it. Ball-tracker shows it would have hit leg stump but not by enough to overturn the decision. That's either very good understanding of the system by Clarke and Wade behind the stumps or just great luck. WI 3-145 (Bravo 43, Chanderpaul 54)


57th over: That's the 100-run stand between Bravo and Chanderpaul.

56th over: Starc to continue.

DRINKS: WI 3-143 (Bravo 43, Chanderpaul 52) It's been a great session so far for the Windies. They haven't lost a wicket - Chanderpaul and Bravo are still there and they don't look like getting out. It will have to take something brilliant - either a catch, run out or a cracker of a ball - to get their wicket.

55th over: Chanderpaul brings up his 50 off 90 balls. It's so frustrating for the Australians.

54th over: Another bowling change by Clarke. He's taken himself off and brought Starc on. For the first time in a long time Clarke can't quite produce the rabbit out of the hat. WI 3-138 (Bravo 43, Chanderpaul 47)

52nd over: Bravo's cranked it up a gear in the last 15 minutes. He's showing Clarke the respect a part-time spinner deserves. WI 3-135 (Bravo 40, Chanderpaul 47)

50th over: Bravo sends pulses racing momentarily. He's swiped Clarke through mid-wicket, just wide of a diving Harris. He was on 34. 3-128 (Bravo 35, Chanderpaul 47)

UPDATE: Traffic will start to build up on the roads soon, same online so I'll give you a quick update. Australia were all out for 259, the Windies are chasing 370 for victory. They were 3-45 at one stage but Chanderpaul and Bravo have held sway since.

49th over: I've never seen a cricket telecast do a close-up of the local phone book, but there sure are a lot of Shillingfords in Dominica. Clarke will be wishing he had a Shillingford in his team at the moment. For those non night owls, Shillingford bagged another two wickets this morning to finish with 10 for the game. Lyon hasn't struck just yet, and he won't for a while, it seems. He's out of the attack, replaced by Harris. WI 3-124 (Bravo 32, Chanderpaul 46)

48th over: Chanderpaul is not the most aesthetically pleasing batsman to watch but he can play some shots. That deflection to third man was high-class batsmanship. The ball wasn't too bad - a well pitched up slower delivery - but Chanderpaul with deft wrists steered it to third man for three. Quite exquisite really. WI 3-120 (Bravo 32, Chanderpaul 43)

46th over: There's a few tea pots and hands on heads out there. Chanderpaul has just played a beauty of a cover drive for four. It's a grind for the Aussies out there. Hilfenhaus has a floating slip, gully, point, short cover, cover and mid-off on the off-side for Chanderpaul. It's indicative of a pitch where there isn't any pace. It will be a battle of patience. Chanderpaul generally wins them, not so Bravo, though. WI 3-111 (Bravo 27, Chanderpaul 39)

45th over: The Windies have overcome the early danger zone and are now well settled. WI 3-107 (Bravo 27, Chanderpaul 35)

41st over: Lyon to open from the other end.

40th over: Hilfenhaus will get first crack at Chanderpaul and Bravo after the break. Good move. The former bricklayer has invariably come out with the goods this series.

TEA: WI 3-97 (Bravo 23, Chanderpaul 29) The Australians have some thinking to do during the 20-minute break. They're still the hot favourites but Bravo showed he's up for a fight. That's important because we know Chanderpaul's always up for it. Clarke's two wickets have masked a worrying sign - Lyon doesn't seem to be on song today. He doesn't seem to have adjusted his game to the fourth-day pitch. Perhaps he's trying to spin it too much. He'll need to lift in the final session. The ball's 39 overs old so there's not going to be much assistance for the bowlers in the next two hours unless there's reverse swing. Bravo and Chanderpaul are set and if they bat smartly the Windies are in with a hope - particularly if they can reach stumps three or four down at worst and with the fighting Tiger still there. We'll be back at 5.00am for the final session.

38th over: I don't reckon Cowan agrees with me. Warner's just given him every short leg's worst nightmare. He's produced the rankest of long hops which Bravo has smashed into Cowan, clocking him between his shoulder blades. That's really hurt. It was so short Cowan was ducking before Bravo had begun his backswing. There's a bit of concern for Cowan's welfare but he's OK. Warner apologises sheepishly to his opening partner. Clarke takes Cowan out of short leg. Warner doesn't deserve to have a man in close with that trash.

38th over: Sensing the game needs a change in direction, Clarke takes himself off and brings on David Warner. He's Mr Trash and Treasure but he produces enough good stuff to make the experiment worthwhile.

37th over: Watson's probing that line outside off stump against Bravo. The man who resembles the great Brian Lara at the crease is resisting so far. But deep down the Trinidadian wants to clobber it to the rope. The Windies batsmen are in control here. It'll be an engrossing hour to come. WI 3-87 (Bravo 21, Chanderpaul 21)

32nd over: Lyon off, Watson on. Lyon hasn't been at his best today. We haven't seen much of Watson bowling in this game but this wicket should suit him. He's become a very clever bowler.

31st over: Bravo and Chanderpaul are looking OK here. They're not afraid to play their shots against the spinners. It's a pity the top order showed such little resistance. WI 3-77 (Bravo 16, Chanderpaul 16)

30th over: No, that noise is not because 14's suddenly become a new milestone. It's brought up a major landmark in Chanderpaul's career. That's 10,000 Test runs! Congratulations! He's only the 10th player in Test history to achieve the feat. And the locals show their appreciation for a fine player. Chanderpaul kisses his helmet and waves his bat to the crowd.

30th over: The Starc experiment didn't last long. Clarke's brought himself back into the attack. I reckon he fancies his chances against Chanderpaul.

28th over: REFERRAL! The umpire made a very quick decision but it's Chanderpaul, this is worth a review. It's hit him just outside the line of off and would have missed off as well, but ever so marginally. I'd be happy to wear that one rather than spending the whole day wondering what if - particularly if Chanderpaul continues batting like he has all series.

26th over: Clarke's taken his two wickets so he'll have a erst. Starc into the attack.

Hmm... there was a lot of Mark Nicholas at the start of that last comment. In comes Chanderpaul. Can Clarke spin another one through his gate? Perhaps not but I'd like to see him try.

24th over: WICKET! Oh yes! Michael Clarke! That's a classic finger spinner's dismissal. He's tempted the left-hander Powell to drive, it's turned and gone through the gate and clipped leg stump. Yet again, Powell fails to convert his start. He's out for 24. WI 3-45

21st over: This sounds silly but Clarke's looking more dangerous than Lyon. WI 2-44 (Powell 24, Bravo 6)

20th over: DROPPED! Powell's clipped one from Clarke very firmly to Cowan at short leg. He hasn't been able to get his hands to it and it flicks his left shin. We're probably being very harsh to call that a chance, but Cowan's got his head down as if it is one.

16th over: WICKET! Clarke's magic wand works again. Brathwaite is gone. It's an ordinary shot but he might consider himself a bit stiff. He's hit across the line, missed and it's hit him high on the top of his front pad and the deflection has come oh so close to clipping off stump. That doesn't matter, though. It's the ball-tracker we care about. That's got the ball clipping the bail on top of off so umpire Tony Hill's call stands. WI 2-28

16th over: Clarke brings himself into the attack. It'll be spin from both ends.

15th over: DROPPED! Brathwaite on 13 gets a life from Ponting at leg slip from Lyon. It was the old bat on pad trick, Ponting reached low to his right but couldn't grasp it. Another very difficult chance. He'd be about 0/5 I reckon this series.

13th over: Lyon drops short and Ponting cops one on his left leg. Judging by the way he's jumping around I reckon that's missed a lot of the guards he's wearing. WI 1-20 (Brathwaite 10, Powell 10)

12th over: Harris gets Brathwaite to fish at one outside off stump. It won't be the last time that happens. WI 1-14 (Brathwaite 10, Powell 4)

9th over: Hilfenhaus to continue from the Pavilion End.

8th over: Harris gets his first bowl of the innings. He's found Brathwaite's outside edge as well but it flies between second slip and gully for four.

LUNCH: WI 1-2 Powell survives the last over before lunch but the Windies have a long, long road ahead. They still need another 368 to win. There's plenty of time left but that's irrelevant. They won't be able to bat out another five sessions to save the game. If they last 150 overs they'll win it. The pitch is offering plenty of turn, even Deonarine the part-timer spun it sharply. Lyon will be licking his lips at lunch for more than one reason. Join me at 2.40am AEST for the second session.

7th over: Cowan's becoming a cult figure here. He's just copped a full-blooded sweep from Powell high up the back of his right leg. He was giving it a decent old rub then realised he had to field the ball which had deflected a few metres away to mid-wicket. No run conceded, but a portion of the crowd were having a good laugh about it.

6th over: Starc's delivering a mixed bag but he has a habit of producing wicket-taking balls. He's got two slips and a gully for Brathwaite. He's up to two, ending a run of three straight quacks. Time for one more over before lunch. And it's Nathan Lyon to bowl it. Can the Windies hold on? WI 1-2

Pardon me for harping on about the catch, but Cowan was horizontal in the air.

3rd over: WICKET! What a catch! Ed Cowan! Barath cannot believe it and I don't blame him. He's clipped Hilfenhaus off his pads and Cowan, at square leg, has dived to his right and taken that in both hands at full stretch. The players all come rushing over to him to ruffle his hair. Hussey's probably giving the bum tap a work over as well. So he should. Awful start for the Windies. WI 1-0

2nd over: The answer is no. Mitchell Starc gets first crack.

1st over: Ben Hilfenhaus to take the new ball. Will Clarke cause another shock and use Nathan Lyon at the other end?

Australia 259 (Ponting 57, Cowan 55, Shillingford 4-100, Roach 3-40, Deonarine 3-45) The Windies need 370 for an unlikely victory. They'll face a testing 25-30 minutes before lunch. Time is not an issue though as I say that it's starting to drizzle here. The groundsmen are not concerned at all, they haven't even bothered to pull the covers out.

85th over: WICKET! Kemar Roach does the job. He's clipped the top of Starc's middle stump. Starc is out fo 21. More importantly, the Windies have been set 370 for victory. It's not impossible but highly improbable.

83rd over: Roach into the attack.

82nd over: Spin can't get rid of this Australian pair. Starc and Lyon keep marching on, kind of like those local cops we saw on the telecase a few minutes ago whose discipline is at odds with the general relaxed nature of the Caribbean. WI 9-258, lead by 368 (Starc 20, Lyon 12)

79th over: REFERRAL! Lyon plays another reverse sweep, this time to Deonarine, and is caught. Or is he? He's been given out but immediately pulls out the T-bone to challenge. It clearly hasn't hit his bat, it's hit him high up on his arm so he survives. If only he could reverse sweep as well as he could challenge.

77th over: Starc loads up again and just falls short of hitting another six. Deonarine cops the treatment this time. Starc can hit the ball a long way. Good lad. Aus 9-246, lead by 356. (Starc 16, Lyon 4)

76th over: That's too funny. No.11 Nathan Lyon's tried to play a reverse sweep. It's missed, hit him just above his left hip and come perilously close to leg stump. Sammy shaped to refer then realised he had none left.

76th over: WICKET! Congratulations to local hero Shane Shillingford. He's now claimed 10 for the match. Hilfenhaus is out, for six, to a classic catch by Kraigg Brathwaite at silly point. He played forward, the ball jumped sharply, claimed the outside edge and Brathwaite's taken a one-handed screamer diving to his right. Aus 9-237, lead by 347.

75th over: WICKET! Harris tries to copy Starc but he's not up to it. He gets a top edge trying to slog sweep and it loops up high enough for Baugh to jog from the stumps take the simplest of catches mid-pitch. Harris is out for nine. Aus 8-230, lead by 340

74th over: SIX! Starc makes very sweet connection to one from Shillingford. That goes all the way.

72nd over: WICKET! Shillingford strikes for the ninth time this match, and it's an important wicket. Hussey goes for 32. He's played forward to an off-break and snicked it to Sammy at first slip. That's exposed the tail to the Windies. If they can claim some quick wickets they'll be able to keep the run chase around the 350-400 mark. Mitchell Starc's the new man in. Aus 7-220 (Harris 9)

68th over: Do my eyes deceive me or did I just see Harris pad up to an off-spinner which was on the stumps? The lbw appeal's turned down and the Windies have no referral. Ball tracker's just shown it hit him in line with off but was heading over. That's a great piece of judgment by Harris though I dare him to play that shot to Graeme Swann if Australia are nine down trying to save an Ashes Test.

67th over: Australia have made a very nice start. Hussey, in particular, looks like he is in ODI mode and looking for quick runs. Isn't he a marvel of a cricketer? So adaptable. If he was playing the round ball code you'd be able to play him all over the park. Aus 6-213 (Hussey 26, Harris 8)

Welcome to Windsor Park, possibly for the final time this series. The sun is out and the covers have just come off as I type. We had a very light sprinkle about half an hour ago but it was hardly anything to be worried about. I wish I could say this match is delicately placed but that would be a lie. Australia are 310 ahead and will resume today on 6-200. A run chase in excess of 400 is on the cards. The real question is whether this Test goes into a fifth day. That will depend on how Michael Hussey goes with the tail. I'm backing we'll still be here in 24 hours. Time to grab a cuppa. Join me at midnight for the start of play.

Join Andrew Wu for live coverage of the fourth day of the third Test between Australia and West Indies in Dominica.

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